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Campus Cutie: Allie Goodrich

Meet this week’s Campus Cutie, Allie Goodrich! Whether she is hanging with friends around campus or working out at the gym, Allie always has a smile on her face. Between classes, homework, and her two amazing roommates, Allie has enjoyed adjusting to freshman year and is proud to be a Camel! Read on to find out more about what this sweetheart is up to and her exciting adventures for the summer.

Class Year: 2017

Major: English 

Hometown: Groton, Mass. 

Celebrity crush?

That’s so hard! I have too many…Chris Evans because he’s Captain America but Olaf (from Frozen) is up there too. 

Guilty Pleasure?

Anything J. Law related. I could spend hours watching Jennifer Lawrence Funny Moments… it’s a thing, I swear. 

What did you do over Spring Break?

Snuggled with my new puppy Diego 24/7. He brought out my inner cuddler, which I think surprised my family because they called me Queen Frostine for a year.

Any big summer plans?  

I’ve never been outside the country, but this summer I’m going on a soccer-service trip to South Africa! Other than that I work on an oyster farm in the summer, which has taught me that dirt can be glamorous.    

Most embarrassing moment?

During my first-ever soccer game when I was really young, I got the ball and ran all the way down the field and scored. I started jumping up and down until I realized I was celebrating all by myself and the other team was celebrating down at the other end of the field. I scored on our own goal.  

Favorite childhood memory?

One time my brother and I were home alone and we wrapped string all around the house. I mean, you could barely walk through the whole downstairs, we even hung clothes all over it too so it was like this giant fabric jungle. My mom could barely get through the front door with her groceries.   

Any movie suggestions?

The Prestige – you have to watch it twice. 

Do you have a favorite course or professor so far?

I’m taking West African Dance right now, which is the most fun I think I’ve had in any class!  

You’re almost done with freshman year, how does it feel?!

Really bizarre (because that’s my favorite word).  

How does it feel to be this week’s Campus Cutie?

Like Justin Bieber just proposed to me.

Julie is a junior at Connecticut College from Montclair, New Jersey studying dance and psychology. She loves to share her passion for food with friends and family and has been on a life long quest to find the world's best slice of pizza. In her free time, Julie enjoys yoga and hopes to one day become a certified yoga instructor. 
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