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Campus Celebrity: Haley Gowland


Presenting this week’s Campus Celebrity, Haley Gowland! This sophomore has not only made an impression on our campus, but in the musical world as well. She spent the summer performing, and even opening for some extremely popular bands, including Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and New Politics. Between her band ‘The Cranks’, singing with the ConnChords, playing rugby, and just being one of the sweetest people on campus, Haley has definitely earned the title of Campus Celebrity!
Class Year: 2017
Hometown: Dunstable, Massachusetts
Major: Undecided
Minor: Music
We all saw your article on the Conn Coll website — tell us about what it was like to open for Paramore and Fall Out Boy this summer!
We started playing right as they opened the gates and it was great watching everyone come in! Our contract specifically told us we couldn’t talk to them, but we had an awesome time playing and running around during the show. 
So who are The Cranks? 
The Cranks are an indie rock trio from Mass. I’m the lead singer and guitarist, my twin brother, Connor, plays drums, and our good friend Alex plays bass. 
How did you first get into music?
My dad played in bands as we were growing up. In fifth grade we started our first “band,” because it seemed like a thing people did. The Cranks formed a few years later, when we realized we wanted to play seriously and write music! We’ve been gigging and writing for maybe six years now. 
What instruments do you play?
I sing and play guitar in the band. One day I’ll learn the violin, too.
What is your favorite band?
Guster. Right now though, I’m into Hozier, Magic Man, and The Tallest Man on Earth.
Favorite genre of music?
Alternative/Indie rock. Anything but rap or country
What extracurriculars are you involved with on campus? 
I sing with the ConnChords, play in the campus band Canopy through MOBROC, play on the rugby team, and am a tour guide.
Favorite food?
Sushi or Chicken Vermicelli 
What is your guilty pleasure?
That awful 6th
Do you have a personal motto?
Recently, it’s “I’m losing my mind.”
How do you feel about being Campus Celebrity!


Kiersten Anderson is a sophomore at Connecticut College. She is a double major in Psychology and Human Development, and possibly an English minor. She is a VP for Relay for Life, and is involved in Habitat for Humanity, Best Buddies, Cakes for Care, and HerCampus. She works at the CC Children's Program and also for CC Catering. She is a lover of creative writing, chocolate, and ice cream.
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