Camel of the Week: Lizzy Stone

Meet our latest Camel of the Week, Lizzy Stone!  This senior ACS Chemistry major is actively involved in a plethora of activities here on campus.  Not to mention next year she will be pursuing a PhD in organic chemistry from either Yale, Penn, Northwestern or UCSB.  Read on to learn more about this very successful Camel's advice for underclassmen and how she juggles the work/play balance!  
Class Year: 2016
Hometown: Rhinebeck, NY
Major: ACS Chemistry
Minor: English
Extracurriculars: Chemistry tutor,  Co-Chair of the SAB for the Chemistry Department, Eclipse, Dance Club, Orientation Committee
Did you do a CELS funded internship, if so, what did you do? 
This past summer I worked in the Ovaska lab here at Conn attempting to make carbon-based molecules containing an eight-membered ring. 
What has been your most valuable experience here so far at Conn? 
I don't think I can pinpoint one particular experience that has been the most valuable. Conn has given me so many opportunities to grow as a student and person. I have really enjoyed participating in various events like dance, tutoring, and research as well as being a part of our close-knit Chemistry Department. 
Do you have a favorite class or professor? My favorite professors include: Timo Ovaska, Stanton Ching, and Michelle Neely.
How do you balance the demands of being science major with other campus activities? 
Although my science classes require quite a bit of time, I make an effort to socialize and go out once a week (or more if there are multiple great events happening on campus). That being said, I do put my work first and if that means skipping out on some Saturday nights or even doing homework while pre-gaming, then so be it. It can be difficult to balance dance, tutoring, and doing my own work, but those other activities are usually good de-stressers and ultimately make me happier.
What is something you would like to accomplish here before you graduate?
Since this is my last semester here, I want to spend as much time doing all that I love at Conn before I graduate, especially hanging out with my lovely roommates. Although I have taken on way too many things this semester (as per usual), I am trying to interact more with the great people of Conn and go to more campus events. I would also like to finish my thesis...
Any advice for underclassmen?
Try to find a good balance between academics and socialization. Conn has so much to offer in both regards, so please take advantage of all of the opportunities. Please don't waste away your four years on the third floor of the library or breeze through your classes by learning the bare minimum- get involved! You should not be exactly the same person you were when you arrived on this campus as a first year. 
Where is your favorite study spot on campus?
I can be found on the second floor of the library with most of the other chemistry majors snacking and studying or nested in textbooks and notebooks on my bed.
Have you gotten everything you wanted out of Conn?  
Connecticut College has given me much more than I ever expected. Over my four years, I have had countless new experiences, both good and bad, that have taught me so much about myself and the world around me. I have been so fortunate to have met so many incredible, inspiring people here. Conn has certainly proved to be the perfect school for me. 
Any plans for post-graduation?
I will be pursuing a PhD in organic chemistry from either Yale, Penn, Northwestern or UCSB. I have to decide by April 15, so I'll let you know after then.