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5 Ways to Beat the Second Semester Slump

Are you back on campus after spring break and not feeling like hitting the books even more than usual? Do you have a countdown for the end of the school year going? Well ladies, we are feeling the second semester slump here too, especially just coming off of spring break where we wanted to devote our time to relaxation and catching up on those long lost Z’s from earlier in the semester. Here are a few tips on getting over the slump and powering through until summer!

Make It A Date! A Study Date That Is…

We can easily get stuck by staring down at our laptops, notes, or textbooks all alone. Sometimes studying alone works, but during the Second Semester Slump with Spring Fever fast approaching, making studying more social will help you stay on track. Having some friends around will make it feel less like work and you can bounce questions off one another. 

How Does A Man Eat An Elephant?

One bite at a time! Break up your work into smaller, more manageable pieces. You won’t be as stressed when you sit down to do your work because you know it’ll be small and manageable–which leads to less procrastination. You will also build up speed as you fall into your groove of doing littles pieces every day or so. 

Embrace the Routine!

We all know how hard it is going from spending the day watching marathons on Netflix to having classes back to back and worse, a full night of homework ahead. Stay positive!! Focus on seeing your friends or maybe catching the eye of the campus cutie that’s in you early morning class. Focus on what excites and motivates you and the work won’t seem as bad.

Utilize the Resources Around You

Is the Professor holding Office Hours before a paper is due? Is there a TA session before an exam? Your cute booty should be there! Even just showing up can help you…maybe you’ll overhear a question and realize that you didn’t know the answe,r plus the TAs and the Professors typically talk and it will make you look invested in the class when the Professor hears from a TA how hard you were working in preparation for the test. 

Reward Yourself! 

Everyone deserves a treat after working so hard. Plan a game night, day trip or movie marathon with friends. Knowing that you have something fun planned will make you want to work through all of your homework that much faster! No one wants to be hanging out with friends and be thinking about homework that is still over their head.


We hope these tips help you get through your second semester slump and power through until summer! 






I am a sophomore here at Connecticut College. Go Camels! My plan is to double major in Computer Science and Art, tying them together with the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology. My home town is Stormville,NY a tiny hamlet two hours north of the big NYC. This year on campus I am a Student Advisor for incoming freshmen, a Peer Tutor as well as a Her Campus writer. I'm really into public art, mason jars, coffee, snuggly sweaters and kittens.
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