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Why A Morning Routine Is So Important

Confession: I like to believe I’m an organized, put-together person, but for most of my life I’ve been the complete opposite. For years, I’ve read Pinterest tips and blogger tell-alls that emphasize the importance of routine and how their lives have been changed by having a concrete morning routine.

I never believed any of it. I’m not a morning person, and I am a literal monster without at least one ginormous cup of coffee. My “morning routine” in high school consisted of lying in bed on Twitter for twenty minutes, eating a miniscule mediocre breakfast, chugging two cups of coffee, getting ready and sprinting out the door. I followed a similar pattern during my first semester in university, and it left me feeling cloudy and rather disorganized throughout my whole day. Going into my second semester, I knew I had to change something. Now, I go to bed at a decent hour and set a time to wake up every morning, I have my coffee with an episode of Gilmore Girls, and I ease myself into the day. For my fellow disorganized and slightly disheveled girls who are skeptical of morning routines, here are the benefits I’ve found and my tips on developing one that works for you (even when you really really don’t want to).



Benefits of a Morning Routine


1. Being more focused and awake

When I started slowly easing myself into the day rather than jumping right into it, I found it easier to pay attention in my morning classes and throughout the day. After taking the time to wake up and let my brain get into gear, my 10 a.m. classes aren’t as tiring and daunting as when I would jump out of bed and bolt to class with a to-go coffee in hand.


2. Being more energized

Again, hand-in-hand with being more focused in classes, I’m much more energized after having a set time of day where I can just relax and drink my coffee at a normal pace.


3. It’s always the same

No matter how chaotic and unpredictable some days can be, my coffee and Gilmore Girls time will always stay the same.



Tips for Developing A Good Morning Routine


1. Find something to look forward to

Whether it’s watching an episode of your favourite show, or a short yoga session, or making a delicious breakfast, having something to look forward to makes getting out of bed so much easier (even on the super tired days).


2. Stop scrolling through social media in bed

I found that scrolling through my Twitter feed and checking emails first thing in the morning was draining and made it so hard to leave my bed. I always wanted to curl up and fall back asleep after checking my notifications. I’ve found that waiting until you’re up and moving is more beneficial since you’re more awake!


3. Go to bed early

When I was first trying to get organized and develop my routine, I found it so hard to wake up in time for class and to have time to get ready, yet I was going to bed super late. It sounds like common sense, but trying to get as much sleep as possible is vital to accomplishing all your daily tasks.



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