My 5 Tips To Surviving Finals

With finals coming around the corner at warp speed, I thought I would share five things I try to practice during finals. This time of the year can be extremely difficult, not only because summer is almost here, but this year has been particularly difficult with online school. Therefore, here are my tips for surviving finals. 

  1. 1. Make a study schedule

    As obvious as it may sound, time blocking and scheduling your studying can calm your nerves tremendously. This allows you to have a visual representation of the work you have to do as well as a realistic amount of time to complete this said work. This also allows you to be reassured not to forget any important dates. If you are anything like myself, I forget dates and projects all the time, which is why this has saved me during university. 

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  2. 2. Exercise!

    This one may be difficult to add to your busy schedule, but I promise it will help your stress and anxiety. When I say exercise, I don’t mean following a workout for hours or go to the gym. Go for a walk, do some stretching, anything to get your body moving. This will give you some energy to keep up the studying. It will also clear your mind. Your body is made to move, and sitting in a chair for hours on end does no one any good. Try your best to move your body for 15 to 20 minutes every day and it will help with stress and productivity.

  3. 3. Self-care time

    Taking some time away from studying to do something that you enjoy could be really beneficial for your mental health. This unhealthy pressure of having to study day in and day out is something that we should avoid. Taking breaks is really important for studying. It allows you to regain energy and step away from the books for a while to do something you like. You can pick the amount of time you would spend on this activity, it’s completely up to your schedule. It is just extremely important for your mental health to take a step back.

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  4. 4. Study Groups

    Personally, during this whole pandemic, socializing has been something I truly miss. I decided to have zoom meetings with my friends to study together as if we were back at school in the library or a coffee shop. This has helped me so much, not only with my studying but with my overall mental health. It got to be exciting to study. We would quiz each other, find cool ways to present our study topics, and it was actually a big help. It reduces your stress and allows you to study in a fun manner. Get creative with it!

  5. 5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

    This last tip is one that is a bit more difficult for most. Asking for help, whether it’s from your professor, family member, or friends can be extremely helpful. If you are not sure about a certain section of your material, asking to meet with your professor or even sending them an email can make the world of a difference. If you have a professor that won’t give you the help you need, turn to family or friends. Asking for help is not a crime and it has helped me so much during finals. For example, I know my mother is really good at research. Therefore, whenever I have trouble searching for specific topics, she will help me out. It reduces my stress levels and allows me to be successful and productive while studying.

To sum up. everything that has been stated so far, these are five tips that work really well for me. However, they are adaptable for all. What works for me might not exactly work for you, but that’s why these tricks are really adaptable. As students, finals are the most stressful time of the semester, so hopefully, my tricks can be a helping hand in your success!


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