Minimalism: What Are the Real Benefits?

Minimalism seems to be one of the newer trends of this year. A lot of people have been decluttering there house, especially because of the new documentary Tidying up with Mary Kondo on Netflix. The minimalist lifestyle has also seemed to be taking over the world. Minimalism is when someone decides to live with the least amount of stuff as possible.

After watching many the minimalist YouTuber Matt D’avella, I learned that minimalism has many benefits. However, minimalism won’t be beneficial if you try to do it a certain way. In order for minimalism to fit into your life, you have to adapt it to your daily routines for it to reflect positively on your life.

One benefit minimalism can give you is helping your mental health. Personally, when I got rid of a bunch of things, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulder. Clutter tends to increase stress and anxiety. Once I got rid of the useless things in my life, I saw an increase in my motivation and attitude in general. My friend, who happens to live a minimalist life, told me that she became a minimalist to help with her anxiety disorder. Once she started to live this way, she saw the amazing impact it had on her life.

Another benefit minimalism has to do with money. Not only are you getting rid of a bunch of stuff as a minimalist, but you also try to buy  less amount of things possible. Thanks to this, saving bigger amounts of money is a lot easier. You also have more money to spend on things that mean more to you, like a trip or even a car. It can also be very beneficial for students. Money can be a common issue for many students, so becoming a minimalist can be an easy fix to that problem.  

Minimalist can also help you increase your time. Not having as many things in your life can help you focus more on what’s important. Whether that would be focusing on your hobbies, relationships or even just simply your mental health. In this generation, I feel like we lack a lot of time to do what we want. Minimalism can help you get the time you need to help you focus on what is truly important in life.

One last benefit minimalism can offer you is a decrease in distractions. Having fewer things around you can help a lot to increase your productivity and help you focus more when you need to be. These distractions could be materialistic things, like clothes, but also social media platforms and other apps on your phone. Reducing the number of apps on your phone is a good way to help concentration and productivity. The same thing goes for materialistic things around you.

Minimalism is not something that is easy to accomplish and can not be accomplished overnight. My own experience with minimalism has lasted about a year now and I am nowhere near where I would like to be. But you have to be patient and give it time and it will provide you with incredible benefits that will help your daily routine and your quality of life.