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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Concordia CA chapter.

Although it is extremely necessary, being forced to stay home for weeks at a time can be tough. At times, it could feel almost impossible to stop yourself from spiralling down a deep hole of procrastination. Below are some fun ideas to make your quarantine a little more productive.

Self Care

The most important part about self isolating is taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Although it might be easier to skip out on your skincare, haircare and overall hygiene since you’re not coming into contact with others, it’s still necessary. Treat yourself to a spa day, which can be as simple as painting your nails, taking a hot bath or making your favourite DIY face mask!

Staying Active

Quarantining can make living an active lifestyle complicated, especially since most of us are limited with the equipment we have. Luckily, being active doesn’t require being at a fitness center! Contrary to popular belief, doing workouts at home can be just as effective as hitting the gym. Watching youtube videos is an easy way to help you develop a workout routine. I recommend watching youtube channels such as “Chloe Ting,” which teaches her audience how to do simple yet effective workouts straight from home. There is also “Yoga with Adriene,” who teaches her viewers how to properly practice yoga. There are also hundreds of fitness apps that offer plenty of exercises to meet your personal fitness goals.


Although staying active is important, taking a step back and relaxing is crucial during these times. Starting a new show and finishing it in two days isn’t always a bad thing. My current favourite series to binge on Netflix are Bridgerton, Gossip Girl, Friends and That 70’s show. Another way to stay entertained while stimulating your brain is by reading. The Harry Potter books are a cult favorite for a reason! Listening to podcasts is also great as it allows you to multitask. Since it is only audio content, you can play one while doing other things such as working out or cleaning while still being amused.

Decorate your room

Since we’re spending so much time in our rooms during the lockdown, it is vital to make it a comfortable and happy place. Redecorating your personal area can not only be beneficial for one’s mood but also a fun pastime! There are many little changes you can do that could make a significant difference. For example, hanging some fairy lights around your bed, sticking some LED light strips from Amazon to your wall, or buying funky shaped candles for a fun touch. Another way to spice up a room is by using pictures. Add some picture frames or make a cool wall collage with your favorite photos of you and your besties. Liven up any room by adding some plants, real or fake; it’ll be refreshing. Browsing Pinterest is a must if you’re looking for interior design inspiration!

Keep in touch with family and friends

Maintaining friendships during the pandemic can be more of a struggle than usual. However, there are many ways to stay just as connected with your friends as you always were. Video Chatting on FaceTime or Zoom is one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with loved ones, and you can make it super fun! Host a group call with all of your closest friends, have a wine night, play games such as “Heads Up” or “Never Have I Ever,” host a virtual dinner party or even a virtual book club! You can even have a virtual movie night using “Netflix Party,” an extension that allows you to watch movies/shows while chatting with your friends simultaneously.

Jacqueline Cohen

Concordia CA '23

Jacqueline Cohen is a first year marketing student at Concordia University. She has a passion for travel, music, beauty and fashion.
Kheyra King

Concordia CA '21

Kheyra King is a Montreal-born city girl studying English Literature at Concordia University. She is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Concordia and the Vice President of Recruitment of Delta Phi Epsilon. She loves coffee dates, traveling and pasta. You will definitely catch her studying at the local Starbucks or Webster Library.