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How to Deal With Your Anxiety During Exam Season

Exam season has now begun. We passed midterms, now we wait for finals. This part of the semester is usually the most stressful for most students, including myself. That is why I’m going to share some tricks that have helped me get through the exam season without losing control over my anxiety. 

One thing that has helped me is giving yourself a schedule. Personally, I know I cannot stay up late to study. I am a person who needs a good night’s sleep. Knowing this, I started making these study schedules. They are not specific; they are just a visual guide for me to see what I have to get done and how much time I can dedicate to get those things done. It is a good way to learn how to properly manage your time. Having a visual reference of tasks and the time you have to do it can help.  

Another trick I have learned that helps my anxiety is taking breaks and time for myself. Making school your absolute priority can be very harsh on your mental health. Learning to priorities yourself is very important to be able to continue studying and being successful. I believe that being able to take breaks and partake in activities that you enjoy during exam season is just as important as studying. Having good mental health and feeling relaxed will make exams so much easier. Taking breaks is something that you should put into your study routine.  


Staying active and working out can also help with exam stress, as well. Whether it is participating in a sport, going to the gym, or just going on a quick walk around your neighbourhood, being active is important. It can reset your brain and help you get rid of many emotions that might be bottled up inside of you even though it might not feel like you have all those emotions. On the same line as taking breaks, exercising can take your mind off exams. Sometimes you just need to take a step back, reset, and get back into studying once you feel ready.  




Finally, the last trick I learned throughout my years in school is starting any kind of studying as soon as possible. Waiting a week or a few days to study always adds to the stress of exams. However, if you start studying two or three weeks before the exam slowly and at your own pace, it will make your life so much easier. Our bodies need to move and it’s important to keep that in mind during studying and exam periods.  


Those are a few tricks that have helped me reduce my anxiety during exam seasons. It is difficult to deal with for everyone, but remember that you are not alone, everyone is going through the same thing, and remember that seeking help is always a good option.