Four Off-Campus, Student-Friendly, Non-Café Study Spots

With the end of the semester on the horizon, there’s nothing but stress blowing through the campus corridors, trying to take down everyone in sight. While it’s okay to let your stress push you to do your best, try not to let it bring you down! Here are some places you can escape to while you’re studying that are not stuffy, not boring and won’t make you buy coffee to use their Wi-Fi.  

1. BAnQ Grande Bibliothèque

The Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec is a great research library in itself, but the contemporary, open-concept layout with lots of windows will have you feeling light-hearted as you buckle down and bury your nose in your books. It’s located near the Berri-UQAM metro station, and all you need to do is sign up for a (free!) card to gain access to all their services, including the Wi-Fi.

2. BAnQ Vieux-Montréal

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of BAnQ’s modern style, the  Gilles-Hocquart building in Old Montreal hits you with all its Instagrammable charm. But get off of Instagram, you’re supposed to be studying!


3. Grey Nuns Building

Ok technically this is on the downtown Concordia campus, but it’s a little farther removed than the Webster Library or Hall building. Originally, this magnificent space was the Grey Nuns Motherhouse constructed about 150 years ago; now it houses a quiet study hall that seats 240, as well as group study rooms.


4. Crew Collective & Café

Ok so we’re bending the rules again. Yes, this is a café, but it’s certainly not your average Starbucks. The old Royal Bank of Canada headquarters was cleverly converted into some of the most creative spaces for meetings, studying, and lounging. If you’ve had enough of libraries and you prefer to be surrounded by innovative people and their ideas rather than over-caffeinated students, then this is the study place for you!