Five Tips To Succeed This Midterm Season

It's the time of the semester in which you can either take your classes seriously or hope for the best in the finals. Midterms come so quickly as the semester progresses. It can be tough to manage school and assignments while also studying for exams. Sometimes we feel like giving up as the workload gets heavier and overwhelming, but here are five tips to nail this midterm season. 


1. Study ahead of time

Studying ahead of time is important, especially when it comes to preparing for midterms. Ideally, I would tell you to start from day one, but that might be too much. However, doing well in your midterms is the first step to achieving an overall good grade in the course. When I say study ahead of time, I simply mean follow along with the curriculum of the class. This can be done by completing the readings and finishing the work you did in the week on weekends. It will help you stay ahead and will not cause stress or anxiety when midterms come around.  


2. Reach out to your professors 

Some of us may be hesitant about this one. We may feel that professors don’t always truly care about us but, reaching out to your professors by email or in person can be quite helpful. They can clarify any doubts you have about a topic, answer your questions and also acknowledge your interest in their course. When it comes time to grade your work, they may take into consideration the effort you put in if you make sure they see it.  



3. Take advantage of campus resources

There are many resources available on campus to help you with your assessments and classes. One of them is the Student Success Center’s Writing Assistance. Professional-level writing assistants will proof-read, point out mistakes and give you feedback on your essays or any other writing assessments. 

The Student Success Center offers a variety of other resources as well. 



4. Study with friends

When I say studying with friends, I mean studying with a group of friends or peers from your class. Studying with someone can help you stay motivated and focused. You can also help each other clarify any doubts you have about a subject, which is a great way to prepare for an exam. Studying with friends or classmates will help you understand concepts that you might be struggling with and ultimately increase your chances of success.  



5. Do not procrastinate

Some people tend to excel at procrastinating. It is best to avoid this, especially before an exam because it increases stress and anxiety.  Studying at the last minute, pulling an all-nighter to write a full paper, or trying to cover all the topics just before an exam causes a lot of stress. It could even distract you while writing the actual exam. Take my word for it. I remember pulling an all-nighter one time to study for an exam and ended up almost falling asleep during the exam itself.

Think about it, if you can procrastinate and still do well on an exam, imagine how much better you can do by preparing ahead of time. You won’t feel added stress or pressure to finish everything at the last minute, you will be mentally prepared and ready to take on the task. 


University can be tough, especially when assignments and midterms are all happening at once. It is almost inevitable to feel stressed and pressured, but studying ahead of time, and most importantly clarifying things you don’t understand, can help you feel prepared and less overwhelmed.