Concordia Resources You Should Know About for Back to School

Whether it’s your second semester or your sixth, the winter semester can be brutal. After a full month of sleeping in under the warm covers, or for the lucky ones, by the beach sunbathing the stress away, we’re forced to face the cold again as well as school. Here are a few Concordia resources to help you this semester.

  1. Counsellors

Counsellors are great if you need to talk something out of your system. Whether you’re struggling with school, have relationship problems, or are going through an inner turmoil, counsellors are there to talk to. There are offices at both the downtown and Loyola campus.


  1. Academic Advisor

Not sure what you’re doing with your degree? Or are you one of the few who knows exactly what they’re doing? No matter which one you are, you’ll benefit from an advisor. They can help you figure out what you’re doing, or what you need to do to graduate.


  1. Learning Support

This Concordia resource offers you anything from a tutor to workshops. If you feel you’re falling behind in one of your classes, check out the learning support centre for help hiking up your grade.


  1. Athletic Therapy

Concordia’s PERFORM centre on the Loyola campus can help you with physical rehabilitation. If you had an accident or suffer from pain, you can book an appointment to have that checked out.


  1. Study Abroad

If you’re like me, “do we do exchanges?” was probably your first question when applying to Concordia. You can go on exchange to take core and elective classes abroad, or you can spend a summer in either Spain or China learning their language for credits. Every program has different requirements, so make sure you click on the right one. The common requirement for each program is for students to attend the information session.


These are just a few of resources you can benefit from here at Concordia. No matter what you need, you’ll definitely be able to find help on either campuses.