5 Favourite Youtube Channels

YouTube is not only about entertainment anymore. It’s about the experience people share with their audience. Since every YouTube channel has a different theme, here are my top 5 favourite channels.

  1. I’m not lying when I say that after watching her videos, there was a huge change in my lifestyle. Her videos are all about motivation, healthy vegan food, and GYST (Getting Your S*** Together). She shares her morning, evening and fitness routines, which include working out, planning, getting ready and cooking. She has great content, and I promise you it’ll make you want to get up and organize your closet, room, and house. After watching her videos you’ll not only want to have a clean space but will make an effort to achieve it.

  2. Most of you might already know and follow her on YouTube. Her videos are all about travelling, fashion, trying new foods and working out. She is fun to watch and her content is amazing. My favourite videos are “Shaycation India,” “Get Ready–Royal Shaycation,” “Shaycation Greece,” “My 20 favourite Canadian Foods,” and “You Won’t Believe What I did for Shaycation Vancouver.” She shares her travel experiences, which showcase her adventures, the cuisines she tried, and the time spent with her family and friends. In “My 20 favourite Canadian Foods,” she shares a list of restaurants and items she eats every time she comes back to Canada. You might be able to relate to this video and feel proud of being Canadian. If you are a foodie, adventurous, love travelling and trying new things, this is the perfect YouTube channel for you.



  3. If you are having a bad day and want to cheer up or simply in the mood to watch something funny, this is the right channel. Lilly Singh’s videos are very funny and relatable. She shares stories about her parents, friends, relationships, and struggles. My favourite videos, which I strongly suggest you watch, are “When you meet your ex’s new girlfriends,” “How to be a good wing woman,” “When you work out once,” “5 Ways parents drive you crazy,” “When your BF acts differently around his friends,” and “The struggles of dating someone too hot.” She even features celebrities in her skits, such as Karly Kloss, Nick Jonas, Justin Baldoni, Michelle Obama, Priyanka Chopra, The Rock, and many more. The best part about her videos is that they are very realistic and will remind you of the time you were in a similar situation. She also imitates her parents while sharing her perspective and experience growing up in a strict family. All of her videos are hilarious and will definitely make you laugh.

  4. This channel is all about vegan recipes. What I love about it is that these recipes are original and created by Sadia, the Youtuber. She explains everything very clearly, from ingredients to the instructions and even recommends alternative ingredients to achieve the same taste. Her recipes are very unique, easy and delicious. If you are in a healthy mood, want to get fit or want to try new things, this is the channel for you. My favourite recipes are the miso soup, Thai red curry with crispy tofu, tempeh tacos with cashew lime cream, rainbow sushi, and pad Thai. I am not good at cooking, but I can say that these recipes are quick and easy to make. Her recipes are very healthy and include all the nutrients necessary to have a balanced diet.

  5. If you love fashion, clothes, food, makeup and skincare, you might like this channel. Lilia shares her morning and study routines, which include planning, organizing, and studying. Her study routine videos are very motivating. She shares tips to prepare for exams, setting goals, taking excellent notes and organizing your agenda. She also gives very helpful tips for achieving good grades.

Besides television and movies, YouTube is a great way to be entertained. The best part about these YouTubers is that they don’t only share vlogs, but also helpful videos about real-life experiences.