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Midterms, being that it’s that wonderful time of the semester, it can get overwhelming on what or where to even start.  Every student is struggling with handling multiple things at once. From school, work, relationships etc, it seems as though we are doing nothing but thinking about assignments, tests etc. This part of the semester is very difficult because it leaves you very little time for anything other than school and maybe work. I may not know the exact solution, but I do know how you can lift yourself from getting down, because let’s be honest ain’t nobody want to be worrying about school and work 24/7.

It’s so, and I mean so, crucial for you to know WHY you are putting yourself through the challenges school brings. It is so incredibly hard to complete projects and do the appropriate work when you don’t know why you are doing it. If you know what you want the results to be from putting in majority of your free physical, mental, emotional time then completing the overwhelming amount of work won’t be so draining, but rather be motivating.  

As a full time student that commutes, working 20 hours a week, and trying to balance my relationships, my family time, my self time. I don’t question why I’m putting in the amount of work that I am into school. I know I’m going to school to allow myself to catch that dream job and dream life that I’ve always wanted. I know I have an internship because it is allowing me to grow and have more experience in the field I want to work in. It sucks to put my personal life on the side but I know that the results will only be amazing and everything that I want them to be.

Even though it is midterms, it’s essential that you know and you draw a limit to guide you.  You have to know when you need to step back from studying and completing assignments. You have to understand that at a certain point you can only know so much. You never want to burn yourself out that soon, and when you feel like you are getting burned out take a break. Know what cheers you up, go out with your friends for a quick lunch, grab something to drink, talk about anything and everything but school for that time and then get back to hustling.

The most important thing to keep reminding yourself of is, how much your future self will be thanking you for putting in the time, energy, effort, patience, passion in this moment when life is a little less complicated. Work hard now and you’ll play hard later. ;)


Hala Abutaleb

Columbia Chicago '21

An aspiring interior designer looking forward to bringing a little more beauty into the world.
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