Walking...At Night

We’re not Batman ok. Walking the streets at night can be scary. I mean… mom, I never go out at night!

Whether you’re coming home from a party or going to get a late night snack, the Chicago streets plunged in darkness can be spooky for even the experienced Chicagoan. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you successfully get Taco Bell at 2 am.

1.The Murder walk

If you’ve ever seen the Winter Soldier, just walk like THE Winter Soldier does. If you’re not a nerd like me and don’t get that reference: walk strong, with purpose and think murder.

готовы соблюдать (hhahahahah I am a nerd I promise I’m not a Russian sleeper agent)​Gifs courtesy of Giphy

2. Head on a swivel

Keep that head turning. You hear a noise behind you, check it. See someone crossing the street, follow them with your eyes. Just always keep looking and being aware of your surroundings.Gif courtesy of meme Guy

3. Positive Mindset

Not sure how much this one actually works, but don’t put negative things out into the universe. Instead of thinking “I’m gonna die and not be able to eat my tacos,” think, “Man I can’t wait to get home safe and sound and chow down on these tacos.” Just don’t stress yourself with the worry, be positive and it’ll make the trip home better.

4. Speedy Gonzales

Walk as fast as you can. Not only will you get to your bed faster, they can’t get you if you’re a speedster. Seriously though, if you’re worried about walking by yourself at night, I don’t think I need to tell you not to walk slow.Gif courtesy of PopKey

5. Keep ya Damn Mouth Shut

Listen. I know it’s tempting to throat punch the piece of garbage man that just catcalled you, but don’t. Alone at night is not the time to stand your ground. Ignore them and keep going. Don’t even make eye contact with them.

6. Headphones Off

No jams at night. Sorry. I mean, I'm not your mom, but if someone comes up behind you with a knife… I told you so. Gif courtesy of imgur

7. Talk to Yourself?

Sometimes if I feel like someone is watching or following me, I’ll call someone or pretend to answer a call. I’ll talk very loudly about how I’m about to be home, and that yes, we can totally watch Lilo and Stitch when I get home, and I will text them when I’m coming up the elevator in five minutes. I don't’ know if this works, but it usually makes me feel better. It may deter someone who is going to do something bad from doing it if someone is expecting you.​Photo courtesy of know your meme

8. Stay in the Lighhhttttt

Don’t walk down the dark alley. Walk on the side of the street with the light. Turn on a flashlight on your phone if you want.​Gif courtesy of Giphy

Stay safe out there ladies!