Style Guide: Fashion Icon Blair Waldorf’s Most Memorable Looks

Blair Waldorf is always dressed to the nines, even if it’s just going out for a walk in the park. Her ideas for outfits are endless, and she always leaves me surprised by the newest ensemble she has put together for the ordinary day. Here are some of her most memorable looks from the entirety of “Gossip Girl.”



Courtesy Pinterest and You Know You Love Fashion.

(Left to right: season 4, episode 7; season 5, episode 1; season 6, episode 6; season 5, episode 7.)

This is as casual as it gets for Blair Waldorf. A few of my favorites, narrowed down by...a lot.

This first outfit is iconic because when isn’t tweed iconic? Blair’s green tweed matching set showed her professionalism, above all else. This look could take her anywhere and immediately intimidate everyone. She is a smart, confident, independent woman, and she honestly rules the world.

Season 5 had me keeling over with every single outfit, and this particular fun mini dress makes me want to wear white and dress for spring every single day of my life. The bright pattern and draping is unordinary and perfect. Imagine strolling through the park in this dress. Also noteworthy is Blair’s crimped hair for all of season 5. Literally no one else can pull off crimped hair.

In the third photo, she wore a cute red/orange patterned dress. When stepping outside, she threw on a light yellow tweed coat (again! Queen of Tweed) with a small purse that appears to be covered in a floral needlepoint design. The only vintage look we need.

In the last photo, her outfit basically looks like something Fran Fine would wear, which I’m obsessed with. The leopard print shift dress paired with the bright red handbag is wonderful—leopard print and red is always a classic look. I am thriving through this chic ‘90s look. It also makes me want to go search Fran Fine because she honestly has some classic pieces.



Courtesy Pinterest, YKYLF and Pinterest.

(Left to right: season 1, episode 16; season 3, episode 13; season 2, episode 14.)

Blair never has a shortage of bedazzle in her life—especially when it comes to her wardrobe.

This first look has always been a classic for Gossip Girl. The pearls combined with the little black slip dress and the diamond neckline: gorgeous. She looks like such a bad bitch in this photo, too. Love that for her.

Blair’s second look is something she wore for another social event, per usual for Upper East Siders, but what I really loved about this outfit is the earrings she chose to pair with it. Her gown was black, one-shouldered and completely shimmery, so adding those modern, chunky black and white earrings was the perfect contrast for the ensemble. I am inspired by her sparkly coat’s padded shoulders, as well as how pure and relaxed her hair looked up against all the razzle-dazzle.

She wore the last outfit for tea with the high school gossips—I mean, society ladies. Super simple yet chic. I’ve always adored this look. The beret. The diamond collar. The black dress. The teacup. The mood. I am B.W.



Courtesy YKYLF, Fan Pop, Anya Georgijevic and Pinterest.

(Left to right: season 4, episode 22; season 5, episode 1; season 4, episode 20; season 6, episode 10.)

Crying looking at every one of these gowns. Blair is queen of elegance, a real-life princess and a model Grace Kelly.

The first gown is an Alexis Mabille, and it’s basically stunning. This is around the start of Blair’s whirlwind engagement to the prince. She certainly looks like a queen-to-be in this dress; it’s a classic Blair. The detail is a lot, but a lot in a good way. The fluttering sleeves, petals, beautiful gold accents flowing down into a black skirt. Ahh. And she did well with a simple hair-do to top it off.

Blair wore this really cute, really spring-esque white dress with greenery pattern. I love it. Though, it’s not as fancy as the other gowns, she wore it for a very important night (but aren’t all of Blair’s nights important?). I love that it’s strapless, and I love that it’s just the right amount of poof. The red clutch, matching lips and pink heels (which sadly aren’t pictured) go so well. She looks effortless, like she just threw this on and stepped out of the house within 10 minutes. Again, I love this pattern—what is this pattern? It’s physically refreshing.

I think it was when Blair was planning to be potentially chosen as the Prince Louis’ future wife. She had to look flawless for that night. Her hair for this look is gorgeous and so different from her usual styling, which I love. The gown itself is dazzling, delicate and soft. The fabric looks so thin, I would be afraid to wear it. And I’m pretty sure there are real diamonds covering the surface of it.

From the final episode, Blair’s WEDDING DRESS. The only thing that really matters. Look at it. Look at her. The color. The design. What more needs to be said.



Courtesy YKYLF and Pinterest (last).

(Left to right: season 1, episode 18; season 2, episode 1; season 1, episode 13; season 5, episode 2.)

Blair has the best spring looks, so I added a few examples that are going to act as the main inspiration for my spring 2019 wardrobe.

I rarely wear color, but this spring I am going to try out more pinks, oranges, yellows and greens. Blair is a master at mixing patterns and bold colors, which is clear from the first photo. I never imagined I could put red and green together, but she really just did that.

Chunky belts, wicker purses, patent-leather jackets (which I also wrote about here) and fruity fabrics (literally, there is fruit on her skirt in the last photo) are all being thrown into the mix this season. The bolder, the brighter, the better. Also, I might start wearing headbands again just because I can. Love that for myself.