Transitioning from Winter to Spring Fashion with Ease

If you’re anything like me, you have issues with that uncomfortable—mentally and physically—transition all of Chicago makes toward the end of winter when spring is just around the corner and puffer coats, tights and turtlenecks no longer fit the bill.

Almost 22 years in, and I still haven’t been able to figure out how to dress for spring (Is spring warm? Hot? Cold? My body is always confused). I’ve been researching and thinking a lot about it this year ahead of time, and I think I’ve come up with some general tips for tossing aside the stockings and slipping on that sundress with ease.

1. Begin gradually swapping out warm, heavy-weight pants with lighter pieces. Cotton and other flouncy fabrics are great to wear during the transition into spring; you won’t be left sweating in your wool slacks and can still look professional and cute for your day to the office (or campus). Lucky us, ‘90s loose-fit jeans are trending this spring season. Unlike skinny jeans, these don’t feel constricting, and they pair well with pretty much any top, or you could even throw a fun slip dress over.



2. It might sound counterproductive, but wearing many light layers is very helpful during this transition. The more layers you are wearing, the more layers you can remove throughout the day, especially if you get overheated walk-running to class or have to sit inside a classroom or office when the heat is still on, even though it’s, like, 60 degrees out. And this spring, brightly colored plaids are in, meaning you could and totally should layer this pink plaid blazer. Patent leather jackets are back in, as well, and you’ll definitely be seeing me sporting one of them this spring. With one of these light options and some good layering, you can finally ditch that parka.


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3. I know we all love the color black, but since spring is approaching (slowly, but surely)—and our beloved black tends to attract the sun—try opting for more fun, playful colors. If you’re looking to be trendy, neon and sage green are in this upcoming spring, and marigold is this season’s It-color, according to ELLE. If you still prefer a more bland palette, go for more whites and soft shades of gray, and then toss in a bold-colored handbag or shoe.



4. Matchy-matchy is finally back in this season. This is probably my favorite thing that could happen for spring 2019, and it just makes me think back to Blair Waldorf and how she always managed to have all of her accessories the same color. (OK, I just have an obsession with Blair, back off!) With this fun trend, you can go for the monochromatic look and dedicate a new color for every day of the week—Wednesdays finally can be all pink. This not only sounds like an easy tip for my spring wardrobe, but it’s probably really fun to participate in, as well.


Courtesy of Pinterest and Harper’s Bazaar.

Try one of these fashion tips, or try them all. Just do what you must in order to feel comfortable in your clothes this upcoming season, and don’t let the confused, hot-cold spring weather ruin your impeccable sense of style.