Pregnant Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is Thriving Like the Boss She Is

On top of hosting a hit podcast and running a lifestyle blog, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick now has one more thing on her plate: a mini Bosstick. The Skinny Confidential star and co-host husband Michael Bosstick announced early September that they are expecting a baby.

This power couple talk all things beauty, business and wellness on their Him & Her podcast, with completely unfiltered microphones. Each of their guests, from Jessica Alba to Kaitlyn Bristowe, have the realest advice, too. And now, expanding on their established topics, the brand is covered in pregnancy experiences and tips.

The Bitch Bible

The news came as a surprise to their fans, followers and even family as they hid the big secret from everyone for five months. The wait was well worth it when you saw Lauryn’s pregnancy photo shoot.

The blonde bombshell did it like no other future mama. Channeling Faye Dunaway’s iconic framed picture hanging in The Beverly Hills Hotel, she sat in front of the hotel’s pool in a champagne silk robe, belly and all. Newspapers with the headline “Baby Bosstick” scattered around her.

@theskinnyconfidential on Instagram

As if we couldn’t get enough of her posh aesthetic, her baby shower was thrown on Sunday, October 13 and it was everything a Beverly Hills Hotel party could be and more. Pastel colors were sprinkled everywhere, including on the handsome men’s suits who waitered around fresh popcorn and cocktails topped with cotton candy.

@theskinnyconfidential on Instagram

When it came time to reveal the gender, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” began blasting over the speakers, giving a clear answer to the eager guests. The handsome waiters changed into hot pink and popped matching bottles of champagne.

Despite being pregnant, the dynamic duo is still recording weekly podcasts and publishing on the blog. They have all the advice to get your resume right and home decorated to the nines, and everything in between. They’re two very hard working people who inspire others to work hard for what they want too.

Only Lauryn can plan out every visual detail of an event to look like a real-life Barbie dream. The prime content that’s going to be published once the baby arrives we’re sure will still be raw, yet radical. Mr. and Mrs. Bosstick have so many life experiences to share in all categories of life, and we are so along for the ride—in our Barbie dream car, of course.