New Fall Shows To Look Out For

With the start of the new season comes the fall wave of fall tv. With all of these shows fighting for your attention and time, there’s a lot to choose from. You may already have your starting lineup of favorite shows, so here’s a guide to the new shows that will be gracing your screen in the upcoming months.

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Magnum, P.I. (CBS)

Jay Hernandez comes to the screen revamping the beloved character, Thomas Magnum (originally done by Tom Selleck). The show takes place in Hawaii - so it’s easy to guess that “Hawaii Five-O” and Steve McGarett will have something to do with this series. If you are a fan of the classic series, crime shows, the lovely islands of Hawaii or the handsome Jay Hernandez - you may want to check out this show. You can catch the series premiere on September 24.

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New Amsterdam (NBC)

This is for fans of medical shows like “The Resident” or “Chicago Med”. Former “Blacklist” star, Ryan Eggold, takes on a new role as Dr. Max Goodwin in this new tv drama. He comes into the oldest public hospital and changes the whole system around when he takes over. If you are a fan of medical dramas and want more insight about who runs the system, then New Amsterdam might be for you. It premieres on September 25.

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A Million Little Things (ABC)

There is a lot of anticipation for this new series and it can’t come soon enough. If you love a good drama or love shows like This is Us - then you may want to add this to your rotation. The series follows a group of 4 best friends and their families. When one of those four commits suicide - the friends all must try and deal with the loss and help each other out. A story about love, struggles and friendship and is sure to make you cry, so have your tissues ready. The show premieres on September 24.

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Happy Together (CBS)

This is a comedy that hasn’t been seen much before. Starring Damon Wayans, the show features a married couple (Jake, an accountant, and Claire, a restaurant and bar designer) who begins to venture into their younger side when Jake’s client begins to live with them. And not just any client, but superstar Cooper James - who is trying to hide from the paparazzi after his big public breakup. This comedy brings out the wild side of adulthood and will make you want to relive your younger days. If you are a fan of CBS’s comedies like “Mom” or “Big Bang Theory”, then this might be something for you. The show premieres on October 1.

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All-American (The CW)

This is for fans of the classic sport (football) with a dramatic twist... Starring people like Taye Diggs from “Empire” and Cody Christian from “Pretty Little Liars”, the show is about an up and coming football superstar. Taye Diggs plays coach Billy Baker who recruits Spencer James to play for his school in Beverly Hills. Spencer goes to Crenshaw High, which is not the greatest neighborhood around. He moves in with Coach Baker and his family in order to attend the school, and everything takes a turn. It’s a classic “boy from the other side of the tracks crosses over” story meets new beginning. If you are a fan of something old with something new, then you may like this show. It premieres on October 10.

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The Rookie (ABC)

This show is another one for all my crime lovers. Formerly known as the fantastic crime author, Richard Castle, Nathan Fillion stars as John Nolan, a man who is starting life over and becomes an LAPD officer. He tries to adjust to his new lifestyle as the oldest rookie in the game while trying to make a difference in LA. If you are drawn to crime or police dramas, definitely check this show out! “The Rookie” premieres on October 16.

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Manifest (NBC)

This is the new mystery show that has many people on their toes. “Manifest” is a series about a plane full of passengers that lands after some turbulence in the air. The plot twist? The plane and its passengers have been missing for five and a half YEARS. Those on the plane have no idea that so much time has passed - and life for everybody has changed - even those on the flight. If you are a fan of thrillers, dramas, and mysteries galore, this will be the show for you. It premieres on September 24.

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Charmed (The CW)

A reboot of the classic, “Charmed” is coming back on the small screen to grace us all. This reboot has an all-new cast with all new characters, so it may spike the interest of longtime fans of the original. If you are a fan of “Supernatural”, the supernatural or witches and reboots, then you may want to check this out. It’s a clean slate for everyone and it may peak the interest of many CW fans. The show premieres on October 14.