New Apartment Must-Haves

A new apartment, to me, mostly means a chance to start fresh with a new atmosphere by upgrading your living space. I spend the majority of my down time in my home so it’s important that it feels comfortable and looks attractive so I can be the most productive.

With my move earlier this month, I planned out many details surrounding the interior design to make my new spot exactly how I wanted it. These throughout any space makes it more complete.

Here are the minor things I decorated my apartment with that made a major impact on the overall scene. Put them in your next place to take any ordinary walls from cheap to chic.

  1. 1. Leaning Mirror

    Make your living room look bigger by placing a large mirror against one of the walls. Keep it set on the floor and it will look like a whole nother piece of furniture. The reflection it lets off from what’s in front of it also adds such a cool dimension. Not to mention, it’s perfect for shamelessly taking mirror selfies.

  2. 2. Hanging Fireplace

    If you want to splurge on one serious advancement for your new place, a hanging electric fireplace is worth it all. It’s what all the celebrities have below their tv’s, and it’ll have you looking like you’re worth six figures too. Wayfair offers great looking ones at a fraction of the price which are easy to hang and even easier to lay back and enjoy a movie with.

  3. 3. Acrylic Accessories

    One of my most simple, yet favorite new items is an acrylic tray. I hold a stack of magazines and candle with it, and by keeping it set on my bed, it serves as a nightstand. The best part about anything acrylic is it appearing to not take up any space since it’s a completely clear material. In any form (chair, table, tray, etc.), it looks neat and matches anything.

  4. 4. Minimalistic Wall Art

    The days of oversized and overcolored posters are finally behind me. I’ve traded them for a minimalistic print that now hangs above my bed. Etsy has thousands of different drawings you can look through to find the perfect picture that fits the vibe of your room. Once I bought the image download, I took it to the closest printing center and put it on an 18x24 size white sheet. The thin lined doodle keeps the picture clean and makes for a sophisticated focal point of my bedroom walls.

  5. 5. Vanity

    All your prettiest products deserve a spot to stand out and show off. A vanity is the perfect way to keep them together looking better than ever. I set my items on a small glass plate, and that on a side table with a mirror top. My perfume, rosè spray and Ouai oil are all in easy access but also make for a fancy bedside table.

  6. 6. Marble Contact Paper

    I never thought of this product to exist, but my roommate found it on Amazon and it completely upgraded our kitchen. This marble countertop contact paper goes over any dull design with just a peel and a stick. You’ll have to use a credit card to smooth it out, but this hack doesn’t break the actual bank to get it.

  7. 7. Spray Paint

    As tacky as it seems, the silver spray paint that I used on miscellaneous colored decor made each of them shimmer no matter how small the decoration. I made a pink pot, brown and blue vase, antique black picture frames and a wooden mirror all match. I used this one from Amazon which goes on every surface smoothly and looks as chic as the color naturally does.