Keep on Keepin on: Mid Semester Motivation

It’s about 8 weeks into the semester and you should know what floor your history class is on, but you don’t. That’s ok, neither do I.

I’m incredibly tired, even as I scramble to write this because it’s almost the due date, but no stress, I found the time. That’s what I want to let you know.

Judging everything in the air is stressful, especially when you’re exhausted. It seems impossible to keep on fighting the good fight, but I need you to know it’s worth it. It’s worth it to take that extra shift at work, do that extra credit, hell it's even worth it to stay alive tonight. It feels impossible to conquer your giant until you do. Then you gotta do it again. and again. At some point, you realize that you’ve been doing this your whole life and to cut yourself some slack. Don’t stress so much, you know your capability, your capacity, and you know how to make it through the day.

Every day is not the same, every hour isn’t even the same. Life is stressful and mess… for everyone. Don’t be afraid to lean on other people when you need to. Ask for help. Everyone is tired and no one has time. And that’s ok because it has to be ok. It’s your life to decide how you’re going to handle that idea.

Hopefully, this isn’t just unintelligent rambling, I just wanted to check in with you, let you know that the wall you’re fitting actually has a ladder for you to climb over and maybe there’s not even actually a wall. But I believe in you (man this feels like a diary entry, I’m hyping myself up) and tomorrow is tomorrow, you can only control today, right now and maybe help out future you.

Keep on keepin on people.