First Day Fits; From Comfy to Chic

My last first day ever was on Sept. 3, truly where does the time go? 

I woke up determined to take on my senior year, despite the longer commute to campus and a 9:00 a.m. class to start it out. 

But regardless of your schedule, you can still conquer the year in style. I started out with a blend of comfy and cute;̀a  la the cropped “noodie,” biker shorts and my beloved Fila’s. A perfect on-campus look. 

Courtesy Olivia Deloian 

Dora the explorer, who? I felt like I could take on anything with the comfort of this outfit while still feeling confident; definitely inspired by Kim K’s aesthetic.

My second “first day” look was for my first day as an Intern with ABC 7! With black tights, and booties to match, I strutted onto State/Lake regardless of my nervous stomach and shaky legs. 

Fake it till you make it, right?

Courtesy Olivia Deloian

The chic skirt, black button up tee and vintage jacket—I found at Pilsen Vintage—transformed me into a business woman from the 1960’s. And I was here for it. 

Courtesy Olivia Deloian 

Who says business casual can’t double as adorable? There’s a first day outfit for everything, and the beauty of fashion is the versatility it brings. 

I can’t wait to dress like reporter Barbie one day, and Kylie Jenner the next. Who knows what other outfits lie ahead?