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A Dollop of goop a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Gwyneth Paltrow is taking the world by storm, but not in the romantic kissing-in-the-rain scene kind this time. Her weekly kitchen-based newsletter dating back to 2008 has grown, organically, into a lifestyle brand filled with resources that go beyond the surface. Goop not only specializes in beauty, food, style and health, but it raises important discussion on the topics dealing with equal parts grit and glamour.

Much like the actress’s movie career, just about every category is covered on goop’s website. In the style of a digital magazine, hundreds of articles are at your disposal written by a carefully selected team to answer all your questions, many you didn’t even know you had. Its beauty section prioritizes the health of your skin and hair, while the makeup reads embrace every stage of both your life and day. (personal favorite: “How to Make a Stripper Look Subtle”) Another standout category is on all things food. Through recipes, videos and news, they offer what seems like a five course meal for just about every kind of diet. (personal favorite: “The Power of Sharing a Meal and Giving Back”) And finally, it wouldn’t have GP’s name on it without wellness included. The writers and sources have experiences with just about every health related encounter, both the good and bad. No matter if you’re looking to become more in touch with yourself on a spiritual level, heal from physical wounds, or just need to  cure a hangover, the articles are a safe space for self improvement. (personal favorite: “Trust the Gut: How to Harness Your Intuition”)

Alongside the blog, goop sells its own line of products to ensure that you achieve what you read. It’s best known for Goop Glow, a series of exfoliators, moisturizers and serums curated to resemble a full spa experience, which the A-list celebrity is sure to be no stranger to. Also available on the shop is a clothing line ranging from tops to bikinis to lingerie and everything in between. You can also, conveniently, find all the tools to achieve the at-home chef status. A few of the essentials your kitchen is probably craving are the portable pour over coffee kit and, if you’re looking to splurge, a Musui-Kamado to perfect your Japanese meats the modern way.

Paltrow still found a way to be in front of the camera when it comes to “the goop lab” on Netflix. She dives (literally, into Lake Tahoe to relieve stress through extreme cold) into questions we may have all thought of but been too scared to find the answers to. Through a series of experiments with actual people, we learn what’s it’s really like to endure basic human phenomenons. You might even see some familiar cameos, like Julianne Hough as she has her energy fields tapped into.

As I go through different stages of life I look forward to turning to the goop brand to be one step ahead of some circumstances, or take it along with me for the ride with others. Goop celebrates the unknown, and they have the clear written, shoppable and watchable guidance so you can too.

Ally Stegman

Columbia Chicago '21

aspiring magazine writer with a passion for pop culture and fashion
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