Affordable Projects to Help Stay Creative over Spring Break

Creativity is always important—even during spring break. I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite go-to activities for when I have extra time on my hands. Because while breaks are always relaxing and mentally relieving, having something creatively stimulating to do with that time can be the cherry on top of the perfect week.

Sew Something

I know, not everyone knows how to sew very well, but you would be surprised what might happen when you pick up a needle and thread and just go for it. I’m not saying you need to make an entire dress or anything, but even just attempting to create something small is so fulfilling. Here is a link to a list of projects for beginners, which includes a pencil pouch, a travel manicure kit, headbands and pajama shorts, among other things. Complete any one of these lil projects—or another fun idea—and you will likely feel some sense of accomplishment. You are a creativity queen.

Closet Revamp

Do some major spring outfit planning during break. All the extra time means more time to dig through your closet and get a better idea of what to wear now that spring has officially sprung! Put away anything that might remind you of winter—the dark days have finally (hopefully?) been left behind—or sell some of those old items on Poshmark! Pull out everything light, floral (duh!) and colorful. If needed (like shopping always is), go out and find some pieces that will enhance to your spring look. Outfit and style brainstorming can be fun, but only if you have enough time—and mental power—to dedicate to it. No better time than spring break.

Paint a Canvas (or Your Wall!)

Painting is one of the most relaxing activities, honestly. And the definition of spring break is basically relaxation, so now is the perfect time to feel fully inspired to paint.

Courtesy Eden Bunna

*I was inspired to paint this last spring after I dyed by hair bright orange—can you tell?

Run to your favorite craft store to buy a canvas or two (they are usually no more than $10 for one that is medium-sized) and some paints (I can often find a variety of colors in the clearance area). Set up a space with lots of natural lighting, and tidy the area around you so you’re not distracted by the mess. Choose the color that sticks out to you most. Paint. Thinking too hard about it never helps, so just go for it, and you are likely to come up with something beautiful. I promise. Hang it on your wall when you’re done, and admire the artist in you for days to come.

Change Your Hair

One of my favorite things to do is change up my hair. Whether that be the color, the length or the style, it’s always exciting. I’m almost always thinking about how I can change my hair in some way (maybe it is actually be a bad thing because I’m never fully content??), and when I do, it turns out to be such a positive, uplifting thing. New hair means new me, and I love a new me. She’s daring, fun and not afraid of change. She is always curious! Choose a color, buy the box dye (if you’re broke like me) and DIY.

Once it’s done, it can be fun to try a new style to go with it, but my favorite part about a new hair color is being able to shape my wardrobe around it. When I dyed my hair bright orange hair last spring (I still just want to be Hayley Williams. Also, let’s talk about how she re-dyed part of it orange last week??), I also experimented with new colors and pieces in my wardrobe. My favorite discovery was how nicely dark green paired with the orange hair. Florals were fun as well. Here’s a photo from the day I got it done:

Courtesy of Instagram

I was also pleasantly surprised to have a shift in perspective. I was overall more attracted to bright colors, especially shades of orange, around me, even when it came to visual art and flowers. Having a new hair color is like living in a whole new world. It’s the best feeling.

There are so many ways to spend all that extra time over spring break, and each of these lil creativity boosters are relatively cheap or free. I personally enjoy everything on this list and will most likely be partaking in all of them this next week. Relax while you have the chance, and take in all the sunshine Chicago’s spring will allow. That’s really the best thing to do.