An App for College Students with Expensive Habits

I love shopping. I love spending money. Like a lot. I know it’s a problem, especially considering I have about 20 dollars extra per month to spend after rent and all my other bills are paid. Being an entrepreneur has become so easy in the last couple of years, and for college students like myself, it is the only reason I am able to continue giving in to those terrible spending habits.

Poshmark is an app for purchasing clothing, accessories, etc., but most importantly, it’s a place to sell them. Considering the fact that I can’t resist my urge to go shopping, I have a lot of extra clothes that I literally never wear; some of it has never even been worn once. Some of it has been worn once or twice and then forgotten and left in the back of my closet for years. I know this is the reality, yet I still can’t resist shopping. I downloaded Poshmark last year and have sold a lot of those clothes and shoes, and I still add things I don’t want or need to this day.

It’s so easy, too. And it costs you nothing.


Courtesy of my Poshmark

Unlike other online shops, such as Etsy—which makes you pay 20 cents just to publish a listing—or second-hand stores, such as Plato’s Closet—which, from experience, offers you like three dollars for two shirts or five dollars for a pair of jeans in solid condition—Poshmark is free to download and list items.

When selling an item under 15 dollars, the app takes a flat commission of $2.95, and if the item is 15 dollars or more, the app gets 20 percent, and you take away that other 80 percent. It is honestly such a great deal.

Sellers also don’t have to pay for shipping or packaging—the buyer pays the shipping fee, and there is free packaging available for use at every USPS location. (PRO TIP: Just keep sharing your listings, and share other seller’s listings, as well, then they might share yours, too. That’s the most efficient way to actually sell things!)

I have made so much money from selling my old stuff on this app, but I have also found some of my favorite pieces from it, as well. Just the other day, I purchased a Miu Miu tote bag in excellent condition for a very small fraction of its original price. It’s gorgeous. (See the photo below.)

Courtesy of Poshmark

The other great part about buying on Poshmark is that you can literally offer and haggle prices for the items you want, and most of the time, the seller will work with you and your price range. I was able to knock off half the listed price for the handbag I just purchased.

If you prefer, you even have the option to trade items with other members—meaning you basically just get the item for free. And we love free stuff.

On the app, there are categories you can shop under, which includes almost every high-end fashion brand you can think of, from Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton, to Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana—it’s like an Upper East Side dream come true. And I know Blair Waldorf would have never shopped second hand, but we’re a lot more resourceful and environmentally aware than she was. I certainly prefer to save money on beautiful, gently-used pieces a lot more than spending over 1,000 dollars on one handbag, anyways.