15 Ways to Survive the Cold Winter Days Indoors

Let’s face it, it’s too cold to outside to do anything. Might as well lock yourself in your apartment for the next 48 hours in full hibernation mode. Here’s 15 ways to save yourself from boredom and beat the Polar Vortex lock-in.

  1. Binge Watch Netflix

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Of course this would be the number one thing, it’s simple yet so rewarding. Utilize the next couple of days to finish those Netflix Original Series and Movies that everyone has been talking about. You could even go out of the box and watch a foreign film.“Maybe a weird documentary you would never click on?” I suggest watching: Bandersnatch, Black ( a Korean Drama) and Final Table.

2.  Watch a Movie/TV Show With Your Roommates

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With all your busy schedules, you can really use this time for some roommate bonding. You won’t be alone, and it’s technically socializing so sit around and watch something you all enjoy. My roommates and I started watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.  There’s nothing funnier than screaming at the TV with your friends as you watch a Drag Queen Lip Sync for her life.

3. Cook Something Using the Ingredients You Have

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There’s no way you are going out to the grocery store in negative 20 degrees, most of your favorite restaurants are probably closed and delivery prices on Postmates are through the roof. You gotta cook sis. Supercook.com is a great website where you enter in the ingredients you have and it pulls up various recipes you can make.

4. Re-Arrange Furniture

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You used to do it in your room as a kid in your parent’s house, why not do it to your apartment? It’ll bring a fresh and relaxing feeling to your space.

5. Deep Clean Your Place

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If this isn’t your thing and you like to keep things messy, then skip to number six. For my people out there that like to get down and dirty to be clean this one’s for you. Pull out that vacuum and put on those rubber gloves cause it’s cleaning time. You get that true feeling of accomplishment once you’re done, your space looks squeaky clean and your roommates will applaud you.

6. Workout

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You finally have no excuses  not to hit to gym and exercise. If your building doesn’t have a gym, no worries, move some furniture out of the way, put on some cute fitness gear and lookup a fun workout video on YouTube.

7. Nap

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It’s hibernation mode after all. I personally love encasing myself in at least 4 blankets and surrounding my body with pillows. Come and get me Polar Vortex.

8. Makeovers

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Another roommate bonding activity! It’ll end up with a mess of makeup and hair products but at least you’ll have your hair and makeup done in a way you would of never expected.    

9. Take a Bath

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When is the last time you had the time to take a bath? You deserve it. Time to turn the lights low, lights some candles and pop in a Lush Bath Bomb because we all know you’ve been saving it for this exact moment. You could also intertwine this with binging some Netflix, now that’s relaxing.

10. Board Games/Video Games

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Someone’s bound to have a set of Cards Against Humanity, if you don’t have enough players, maybe it’s time to figure out who your neighbors are and invite them over!

11. Make Friends With Your Neighbors

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Works especially well if you’re living in one of the dorms. You get extra players for your board games and you easily get to make new friends and bond over how cold it is outside.

12. Re-visit Nostalgic Disney/2000’s Music

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Blast that stuff on the TV cause we all know you and your friends know all the lyrics. Any song from Victorious, High School Musical, Avril Lavigne, etc. put that on the TV and have a dance party!

13. D.I.Y/ Arts and Crafts

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There’s simple D.I.Y projects online you can look up, some of my favorites are distressing jeans and shirts. There’s even some where you can make your own body scrubs and bath bombs.


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If you’re of age, pop open a bottle of wine and relax or turn up with your roommates. Plus it’ll make you feel warm and cozy.

15. Read Her Campus Articles

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You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll relate too hard and you’ll gain some knowledge and perspective. You’ll for sure get sucked into reading so many, but you’ll always be entertained.