Weekly Wellness Tip: Make a List (and Check it Twice!)

Welcome to spring semester, readers! I know I speak for myself and the rest of the HC Barnard team when I say that I hope you had a restful, peaceful few weeks off and are feeling recharged as we settle back in on campus. With that said, even if you spent the past several weeks sleeping in ‘till Lord-knows-when or lounging on a sunny beach somewhere, it can be hard to jump back into a hectic college schedule. When I look back on last semester, I realize that I often let my academic, extracurricular, or social commitments overshadow my commitment to myself and my personal wellbeing— a mistake I’m not about to repeat this time around. Which brings me to a dilemma: How on earth do we stay sane juggling classes, friends, clubs, etc. without forgetting to nurture our minds and bodies?

I know, I know…just the thought of that question is enough to cause some stress. And because stress is probably the worst thing for you both mentally and physically, today’s Weekly Wellness Tip offers a solution to help you stay well this semester. The tip?

Make a list.  Not a regular to-do list, but something a little more peaceful. Tonight, before you go to bed, grab your journal or a piece of paper and write down 3-5 things you can do to make yourself feel good this week. These can be anything from “journal every night” to “go for a walk and listen to good music.” I did this the night before second semester started, and having that list in my head really helped to hold me accountable for taking care of myself while running between classes and planning my schedule. As a result, I made to the weekend with my heart and mind (relatively) intact, and feel ready to attack the coming weeks, as well.

So make your list to night, then let us know in the comments: What did you prioritize for yourself this week? How are you going to follow through over the next few days?