UCapture: Save Money & Save the Planet

When it comes to climate change, we are in a state of emergency. Greta Thunberg, Katie Eder, and Vic Barrett are only a few names that come to mind when thinking about young individuals who are taking drastic measures to have their voices heard about the urgency of our climate crisis. I am a young student who cares about the future of our world, but there is not much in my day-to-day that makes me feel like I am making any type of change. I recently realized that although I am not protesting school or sailing across the ocean to reduce my carbon footprint, UCapture is a way of doing good as someone who is passionate about the environment but is not able to derail their day-to-day in order to take such drastic measures to help.  

UCapture is a green technology start-up that I have gotten involved with over the past year. UCapture is a Google Chrome extension that has paired up with 25,000+ online shops to donate a portion of each purchase to environmental projects like landfill gas utilization in Waterloo, New York

You may be asking: what is a Google Chrome extension? Don’t worry, I was not quite sure myself before becoming an ambassador. A Google Chrome extension helps to customize the way you research on Chrome. When you add UCapture into the search bar of your Chrome engine, it asks you whether you want to activate it or not when you browse certain websites such as AG Jeans, Target, Fandango and many more stores!

A major perk of utilizing UCapture is tracking how many pounds of carbon you offset. I am at 2,417 and counting. Seeing the statistics of the work being done makes one realize that doing something as simple as shopping online can help power one of the 18,000 homes being powered by the energy provided from UCapture and you. This information proves that the change one is making is tangible. Serving as a UCapture Campus Ambassador is my way of doing my part to help the environment. By endorsing green companies such as UCapture, I am spreading the word about easy, fun, and free ways to help save our planet. Everyone is constantly running around doing a million things so I help bring the information to professors and the student body to make it easier for young individuals to recognize that they can in fact make an impact. In addition, I love working with my fellow UCapture ambassadors, as we are always brainstorming new ways to switch up how and when we can reduce our carbon footprint. 

The change that UCapture makes is both international and close to home. Projects in Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, and the United States are all offsetting millions of pounds of carbon. As an added bonus, UCapture automatically applies the coupon code that saves you the most money as you shop with partners. Listen, I would be skeptical if some random girl from Barnard encouraged me to download something to Google Chrome. The truth is, once the extension is installed you will never see it and forget that it is there. It really is such an easy way to help reduce the hundreds of thousands of pounds of carbon that are being released into our atmosphere every day. 

So, how can you do your part?  Join the UCapture community and start making a change now!

Please use the link www.ucapture.com/Leila to help Barnard College reduce its carbon footprint, all the while saving money instead of paying for it! This will help grab the university’s attention and move carbon-neutral projects forward on campus.