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Trend Snapshot: Athleisure

What do you wear when you are too tired to make a real outfit, but don’t want to look like a bum? What about when you plan on going to the gym right after class but don’t want to go home and change, or even when you want people to think you work out or are on your way to (even if you’re actually not)? If any of these questions are on your mind, the athleisure trend – athletic wear that can be worn away from the gym – is just the style you are looking for. Here, we take you through a few different athleisure outfits appropriate for all occasions.


The Actual Gym Go-er


I probably fit into this category the most, because I am constantly either going to the gym or the rink (I’m a figure skater) before class, in between class, and after class, so I have a hard time wearing real clothes full on. This is probably the most dedicated of the athleisure styles, and I have compiled a sample outfit to give you the feel of the most “athletic” athleisure.



The “I might go to the gym, I might not, but still want to be cute and comfy” look 


This look is for when there is a small percent chance that you will make it to the gym, and a high percent chance you want to look great regardless of whether you end up at the gym or not. Some pieces that might be included with this look include the following. Whether you are going downtown, to Butler on a Saturday morning (we all know that struggle), or just going to class, this is a versatile look that works for most social situations.

“I’m going out, and still want to be comfy”


Yes, it’s true: you can wear Lululemon out or to a rave and still look good. I say that a night in which I wear Lulu to Mel’s or Cannons is always a better night. I have included some a few different tops, which you can pair these with any leggings or jeans (since everyone knows there is zero chance you are actually going to the gym at this point).
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