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Tips for Eating Healthy in John Jay

Who said the dining hall had to be repetitive? The dining hall staff works extremely hard to give us as many options as possible, and there are always plenty of ways to get creative. Next time you are in John Jay and can’t figure out what to eat, try one of these unique combinations:

1. You can always ask for plain brown rice at the Action Station (except on the days when they serve the Chinese noodle bowl). Use it as a healthy side to the entrée in the main line, or you can add veggies and soy sauce from the salad bar for a brown rice salad.


2.  Craving a waffle? Go ahead and eat one! On Sundays, John Jay has a multigrain waffle option. Top it with strawberries, bananas, and/or Nutella for sweet and filling breakfast option.


3. Tired of the same salad? Make a Cobb salad with turkey from the cold cut sandwich bar, which also occasionally has grilled chicken strips, or use a veggie burger from the grill on your bed of greens. Try using oil and vinegar instead of your normal dressing for a change of pace, or add croutons or tortilla strips for a little extra crunch.


4.  Now that John Jay serves Chobani Greek Yogurt (yay!), you can now make delicious parfaits that will keep you full until your next meal. Granola is a must, but there are several other choices around the dining hall. Add honey from the tea and coffee station to keep things simple, or slice up some fruit to throw on top. Sometimes the frozen yogurt topping bar has coconut and chocolate chips, which make a delicious combination!


5. Cold weather + icy wind = chili. During the winter, John Jay keeps turkey or beef chili on hand nearly every day. Chili contains beans and diced vegetables, making it lean and filling. Add a little cheese or a few saltines, or for a more hearty meal, put it on top a serving of whole wheat noodles from the pasta area.


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