A Semi-Exhaustive List of All the Things I Want to Do Before I Graduate

Honestly? I am totally having an existential Senior Year Moment. Ever since I was a freshman, people have told me to “cherish” my college years because they will go by in the blink of an eye. I had no idea that I’d literally be closing my eyes for a second and opening them up to my final year in college.

I have had an incredible time at Barnard so far, and I am proud of the things I have done and ways I have put myself out there, but there are still so many things I want to do before I say goodbye to undergrad. I decided to make a very realistic and achievable Senior Bucket List of all things I want to do to get the full Barnumbia experience (some of these things I have done before, and need to do again this year). In no particular order:

  1. Go to the Barnard Block Party.

  2. Attend Convocation.

  3. Visit the Undergrad Carnival.

  4. Attend The Bold Conference.

  5. Go to every museum I can get into for free.

  6. Buy movie and Broadway tickets from the Barnard Store.

  7. Go on a BOAT trip.

  8. Witness the Barnard Greek Games.

  9. Chat with Sian.

  10. Go to Homecoming.

  11. Go on the Dems Campaign Trip.

  12. Go on a lobbying trip.

  13. Join Q.


  15. Big Sub™.

  16. Go to an a cappella showcase.

  17. Have a riff-off a la Pitch Perfect, but with other people like me who also have mediocre voices.

  18. Take part in performing arts.

  19. Be in the pit at Bacchanal (please bring Hayley Kiyoko this year).

  20. Be a part of KCST’s Spring Show (or I will be slain).

  21. Take another Caitlin Trainor modern dance class.

  22. Take another English class with Professor Vandenburg.

  23. Go to Senior Nights.

  24. Go to Disorientation.

  25. Be a Spring OL for transfers.

  26. 40s on 40? Is that still a thing?

  27. Is the Spring Pillow fight also a thing?

  28. Once again, not take part in Orgo Night.

  29. Finally watch Gilmore Girls (it’s a graduation requirement).

  30. Go to the tree-lighting ceremony.

  31. ROCKY.

  32. Party @ Suite!

  33. Party @ 1020?

  34. Do a Hoot shoot.

  35. Go to an open mic.

  36. Go to CultureSHOCK.

  37. Sunbathe on a Milstein terrace.

  38. Explore the green house.

  39. Attend weekly writing workshops.

  40. Read more zines.

  41. Go to a CUBE show.

  42. See Varsity Show.

  43. Do Senior Scramble (for fun).

  44. Try college radio.

  45. Get one of those fancy downtown internships.

  46. Go to the Holiday Choral Concert.

  47. Go to an on-campus protest.

  48. Lerner Pub.

  49. Go to as many Law School and Research events as I can.

  50. Take part in “Primal Scream.”

  51. Explore all the tunnels.

  52. Get my hands on a gorgeous, $80 embroidered Barnard sweater.

  53. And finally, win a foosball tournament against my girlfriend in JJ’s (this one’s personal).