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Ranking Euphoria Couples From Worst to Best

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These days, it seems as if Euphoria is the only thing anyone talks about. In fact, two days ago I was walking down the street and overheard someone behind me say to her friend over the phone, “The last Euphoria episode damaged me emotionally and kept me up all night.” Girl, we get you. Honestly, who can blame them? This American teen drama HBO show follows a rather complex group of high school students while they navigate through several experiences that relate to drugs, friendships, romantic relationships, trauma, and more. Undeniably, a huge part of the show is the couples, most of them largely unstable and toxic, but, hey, fun to watch! So, it seems more than appropriate to rank these relationships from the worst to the best and find out which ones are extremely destructive and which ones are kind of wholesome. 

NATE and maddy

At the bottom of this list, we have Nate and Maddy. Do I even need to explain why this couple is the worst? Nate and Maddy have this toxic relationship characterized by deep emotional turbulence. Maddy, on one hand, seems to have this worrying dependence on Nate, claiming she loves him and being unable to leave his side despite recognizing that such a relationship is unhealthy. Nate, on the other hand, is such an awful and abusive human being who not only emotionally manipulates and hurts Maddy, but even physically assaults her (watch that carnival episode in Season 1 and you’ll see what I mean). Neither of them knows their limits regarding their love and they are willing to do anything for each other, including seriously injuring random people (remember Tyler?).  

Nate and cassie

Once again, it’s not surprising to see Nate at the bottom of the list again. If possible, I would honestly place them at the bottom together with Nate and Maddy. In this secret relationship, Nate continues being a manipulative person who disregards Cassie’s own feelings. He gaslights her and continually abuses her emotionally, knowing that Cassie won’t leave his side. Cassie is no saint either. She is going behind Maddie’s, her alleged best friend, back to date Nate. She personally knows how Maddy feels, how she is abused, and the fact that they are still together (kind of). 

Cassie and mckay

At number 4 out of 6, we have Cassie and McKay. They were just not meant for each other. While, indeed, McKay was supportive and understanding at times, he just cared too much about what other people said. He judged her for her past and her personality from the beginning, denying that they were even dating at one point and worrying more about what his friends thought than Cassie’s own feelings. He also didn’t react well to the pregnancy news, making it all about him and his career. 

Kat and ethan

In the middle of the list, we have Kat and Ethan. From this point onwards, it gets better. They may be perfect on paper but in reality? Not so much. The thing is, you can’t force love even when the other person treats you so well. Undoubtedly, the beginning of this relationship was beyond sweet and appeared to be meant to be because of Ethan’s and Kat’s contrasting personalities that complemented each other. However, Kat can’t seem to be able to love Ethan and refuses to leave his side because he seems to be the “perfect” partner. Honestly, neither of them deserves to be going through this; Kat should put her happiness first and Ethan deserves the truth. 

JUles and Rue

As the runner-up of the best couple on Euphoria, we have Jules and Rue. Jules’s and Rue’s friendship and eventual relationship are extremely important for the show and the connection is clearly there. They both are supportive and it is obvious that they deeply care about each other. We can even say that they both found each other when they needed to. However, not everything is perfect. Rue depends too much on Jules, evidenced by her episode of depression, and Jules feels too much pressure in keeping Rue sober. Hopefully, this season will tell us if they can survive as a couple, or if they’re better off as just friends. 

Fez and lexi

At the top of this list and of everyone’s hearts there is…Fez and Lexi! I may be biased considering that both of them are my absolute favorite characters in Euphoria, but this relationship that has yet to bloom is already the best in the show. Definitely, this unexpected duo is the best thing that the second season has brought yet. I am beyond thrilled to see their relationship grow. 

Euphoria definitely has a wide range of relationships, from wildly toxic to very sweet and caring. Either way, each relationship plays an important role in the show. Will this season 2 bring us more surprises? Guess we’ll just have to wait to find out. 

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