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If there was a "2020 Survival Pack," a good ole playlist for the rough times would be right there with sweatpants, blue-light glasses, and fresh air. Especially during midterm or finals season, those days that feel extra hard to get through might be a little more frequent for us students. That’s why I’m doing you a favor and sharing my foolproof playlist for those times when you need to feel sorry for yourself, have a good cry, and then remind yourself that you’ll be OK. The songs start out sad and then become more uplifting so you can get all the feels out and hopefully feel rejuvenated by the end! Don’t worry, my friends, rough days are only temporary… but a good playlist to get us through is forever. 


A Little Too Much — Shawn Mendes

This is my favorite song to cry to because it reminds me that it's *OK* to not be OK.

Never Be Alone — Shawn Mendes

Sometimes when we’re sad and struggling it’s easy to feel alone, but Shawn’s here to tell us that’s just not the case. 

Hold On — Shawn Mendes

This song is a heartfelt reminder that things are temporary and that everything will be alright. 

Don't Forget Where You Belong — One Direction

One Direction said it best: If you ever feel alone… don’t. Easy enough, right?

In My Blood — Shawn Mendes

This is my all-time favorite inspirational song. Even when the “walls are caving in,” I know I can’t give up.

breathin — Ariana Grande

Thanks, Ariana, for reminding me that oxygen is necessary and sometimes the best medication. 

get well soon — Ariana Grande

The lyrics “Girl, what’s wrong with you? Come back down,” are so grounding and always get me out of my head.

be alright — Ariana Grande

This is the part where we dance it out!

Treat People With Kindness — Harry Styles

I love this song because it's so happy and wholesome. That’s why I included it near the end. Plus, it’s a great reminder that sometimes the “people” we need to treat with kindness are ourselves. 

Girl Almighty — One Direction

Finally, let’s have another toast to the Girl Almighty. Yep, that’s us. We’re strong. We made it this far! 

I hope this playlist can serve as a nice companion when you’re feeling like you don’t have one. Now, go forth and conquer! I believe in you. 

Emilia McFerren

Columbia Barnard '23

Emilia McFerren is a sophomore at Barnard College, studying English and Art History. She loves books, movies, classic and sustainable style, spirituality, and fangirling over One Direction 5 years after their "hiatus". She's an aspiring writer/author, traveler, and activist. If she could have dinner with 5 people, living or dead, she'd choose Audrey Hepburn, Harry Styles, Michelle Obama, Chadwick Boseman, and her grandfather. Reach her at erm2182@barnard.edu or @emiliamcferren on Instagram.
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