Motivational Quotes to Get You Through Finals

As we approach the end of this semester, we all know what’s very soon in our futures: finals. Final exams, final papers, final labs, each as terrifying as the other. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with the thought of final assignments that I get backtracked, distracted, and procrastinate, which is not great. I think recently I’ve found it helpful to read and repeat quotes to encourage and motivate myself to work hard in this final stretch of the semester. Here are my favorite quotes to remember when I feel down or discouraged:

  1. Although it may seem simple, sometimes starting an assignment is the most difficult part of the assignment. The anxiety that accompanies perfectionism may make it difficult for people to start an assignment. But we need to remind ourselves that starting an assignment is the first step to accomplishing something brilliant. Rather than leaving it for the last minute, starting an assignment as soon as we can helps improve the quality of our work. So open up that essay, lab, or test you’ve been procrastinating and start!

  2. At some point we may tell ourselves “this is impossible” or feel that we can’t do it. But you never know until you try. Sometimes, our state of mind is the thing that is holding us back. It may seem “impossible,” but if you try, it’s possible that you will get somewhere. Adjust your state of mind to one that will help you get through finals.

  3. magic sparkler

    The key to success in times of stress is believing in yourself. Yes, I know how cheesy that sounds, but your self-confidence can go a long way. You are your best cheerleader AND source of motivation. If you can convince yourself that you are capable, you surely can complete the assignment itself too.

  4. Working hard is what you need to do. Finals time requires the most of your hard work. Know that it will pay off! Maybe something you work really hard on right now will help you in the future, in another class, for another project, who knows. That smile on your face when you get that good grade back will be so worth it. Don’t overstress yourself, but putting in what you’ve got is key. 

  5. Pride and Prejudice

    Similarly to the second quote, it's all about the mindset you have going into your work. Studying for finals may seem overwhelming and impossible even, but you can and will get through it. And when you reach the endpoint, no matter how it went, you can sit back for a while and enjoy the fact that it's done. And if you give it your all, you can stand back and say “I really gave it all I had, and I’m proud of myself.” Don’t forget to congratulate yourself at the end of this, because you deserve it!

  6. College at home can be really stressful, uncomfortable, even tiresome. Along with the stress of academics, we are experiencing different kinds of stress in this difficult year. Do what you can. You need to recognize when you are doing your best and not beat yourself up for what you could have done better. We are all doing our best and can only expect so much from ourselves given the stress of this time.

I wish the best to you all during finals. Encourage yourself to do what you can, but be kind to yourselves. We are almost at the finish line, so we can’t give up now!