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Kitchenette Offers Student Discount! 10 Greatest Things About Kitchenette

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Barnard chapter.

Hey MoSiHi Restaurant Enthusiasts! 

We all know and love the restaurants that are in the 110-113 block radius. But, there’s really only so many Dig Inn plates and overpriced Community rice bowls we can stomach. If you’re an underclassman, odds are that you haven’t ventured over to Amsterdam land where there’s a whole world of exciting and delicious restaurants that are worth exploring. One of which is Kitchenette on Amsterdam between 122 St & 123 St. On the other hand, If you’re an upperclassman, odds are that you went here a couple times when you were a wide-eyed Freshman looking to explore the area with your band of NSOP buddies. And now you’ve likely sunk into a deep SWUG black hole where you only order Seamless or grab a Milanos salad because it’s 10 feet from your house, but it doesn’t even really taste THAT good. Well, I’m here to tell you my friends, the best comfort food is just a couple blocks away and it is 100% worth the walk. Don’t let laziness stop you from stuffing your face with the best fried chicken that MoSiHi has to offer. What is it about Kitchenette that makes it the best you ask? Take a look: 

1. The Ambiance

Kitchenette is CUTE. It’s cozy, warm, it feels like someone’s home that you got an invite to. The atmosphere completely matches the quality of the food. 

2. Brunch 

The pancakes here are to die for. End of story. 

3. 10 for $10.00 before 10:00 

There are TEN different breakfast specials for only $10.00! Who knew? So, get your butts out of bed and get here before 10 AM. 

4. Cures Homesickness

No matter where you’re from–East Coast, West Coast, The South, Canada, wherever–you probably ache for a home cooked meal once in a while. If you feel like having Thanksgiving dinner mid-March, Kitchenette has it for you. 

5. The Sweets!

Not just savory, but sweet too! Good for a sugar fix and you can burn the cals walking to and from ;) 

6. Girl Power

Kitchenette was opened by two women, Lisa Halla and Ann Nickinson! They are the owners, operators, and head chefs of the restaurant. WOO, GIRL POWER! 

7. Everything is Instagram-able 

Look at that ^^^^ Wouldn’t you double tap? You’ll be getting up to 100 Likes for sure if you instagram something from here.

8. Great Gifts

Looking for a last minute Big-Little gift? Or a nice gesture for your friend’s bday? There are so many different treats, sweets, swag to choose from. 


9. They Deliver!

Okay, if you really can’t make it over to Amsterdam (though we highly recommend it), Kitchenette will come to your door via Seamless for those mornings (or nights) when you just can’t get out of bed. 

10. They Love Columbia and Barnard!

For a limited time, Kitchenette is offering Columbia and Barnard students a 10% Off Discount when you show your student ID! (Not redeemable on delivery). This is a discount on anything and everything–pancakes, fried chicken, cookies, cake…so, are you drooling yet? 


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Rachel Bernstein

Columbia Barnard