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Here’s What You Need to Know About P.E. Classes at Barnard

Not sure what P.E. class to take? Her Campus members have some recommendations to share with you in order to help you make your decision. 


Cardio/Body Sculpt:

Rachel: I took Cardio/Body Sculpt in the spring with Laura Masone. When picking a course, I wanted to make sure I was taking a class that actually would give me a workout, and I think this class definitely gave me that. Also, everyone was at different athletic capabilities, so I never felt intimidated or embarrassed during the class. I definitely recommend this class if you want to sample different types of workouts and actually get some exercise in. 

Ariana: I took Cardio/Body Sculpt in the spring. I wanted a PE class that challenged me and would help me stay in shape, especially because coming into Barnard I worked out constantly but dropped the ball during the fall semester. This class was a mixture of an 80s workout class and a modern day body sculpting class. It was surprisingly enjoyable and the vibe of the class was super chill. The instructor, Laura Masone, is super sweet and will help you modify the exercises if you have any injuries or issues with certain parts of your body. I highly recommend this class!



Collier: I took Yoga/Meditation and had a very positive experience! My class was once per week for an hour and fifteen minutes. Because we only had class once a week, my instructor assigned us the “homework” of meditating on our own for about 5-10 minutes per day. It definitely required an effort to schedule my meditation (and to follow through on it!), but it really did help me relax and center myself, especially before bed. Class time was divided into two parts: for most of the class, we practiced basic yoga moves and at the end of class for about 15 minutes, we would meditate. I would highly recommend this class to anyone intimidated by the concept of a P.E. requirement. Almost everyone enters the class completely new to yoga and meditation, so you really spend the semester learning together. 

Beth: I took Beginning Yoga in the spring, and it was absolutely amazing! My class was twice a week for 50 minutes at 10 A.M. I had an insane schedule that semester, so going to yoga was the perfect way to start my day. You can’t do the yoga poses unless you are fully concentrated, so you are forced to not think about school, work, or anything else that might be stressing you out. Everyone had different athletic capabilities as well, so I never felt embarrassed despite being the least flexible person in the class. I lived for my yoga class during that whole semester, and I highly recommend it to all first-years who need a place where they can escape their stress.

Arianna: I also took Beginning Yoga and loved it! I had been very nervous about it as someone who had never taken a yoga class before, but it was very slow-paced and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it because it’s a low-intensity way to de-stress and relax. The instructor I had was very accommodating and helpful. Even as someone who had never done it before, she made it very easy to learn. For anyone who may not have been able to do certain moves for various reasons, she offered alternatives, so that everyone would always be able to participate.



Lizzie: I took Beginner Tap in the fall because I just wanted to make some noise with my feet. I tapped a little in middle and high school, but I did not want the pressure of dancing with a bunch of dance majors. Overall, the class was made up of people like me, as well as people who had never tapped before, so it was a really nice learning environment. I had a really great time tapping to the extent that I registered for the intermediate class in the spring semester, and I’m going into Advanced Tap in the fall. For anyone who wanted to try out dancing or get back to an old passion, tap is the way to go.

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