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Gear Up for Winter Break with these Essentials

As you prepare to head out for break, be sure to pick up these winter essentials. We at HCB tend to favor snacks, but some much-needed cold-weather haircare (and New Years-ready undies) never hurt anyone. See you next semester, Barnard. In the meantime, here are a list of our favorite winter-blues go-tos. 


1. Snacks!

Her Campus favorite(s): LUNA Bars (Chocolate Peppermint Stick to be exact), Kettle Brand Chips and Chipotle. Obviously. 

2. Cold-weather haircare. 

Her Campus favorite: Tresemme's 7-day Keratin treatment. So easy and so worth it, trust us. 

3. A winter pick-me-up. 

Her Campus favorite: Cold-EEZE. Sniffles and mistletoe are a bad pair, to say the least. 

4. Accesories. 

Her Campus favorite: BAUBLEBAR. Every holiday outfit could use a little glitz, if you ask us. 

5. Undies. 

Her Campus favorite: Cosabella. You'll get more than a New Years kiss. You have our word. 


Credits to Her Campus Nationals and our Finals Surivival Kits to turning us onto these gems. 






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Columbia Barnard

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