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Exhausted After Election Week? Relax With These 20 BuzzFeed Quizzes

  1. Depending on the outcome of the election, you may have been ready to move out of the country (or at least take a break for a while!). We may still be landlocked because of COVID-19, but that’s no reason not to dream about getting away! Let your stomach decide which city to move to based on this BuzzFeed quiz: 

  2. Halloween is over, so you know what that means… Time to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. Let this quiz start you off. 

  3. Keeping the theme, learn what the best thing about you is by getting a head-start on your Thanksgiving feast. 

  4. BuzzFeed claims they can determine your exact age. Just tell them how you feel about 33 Thanksgiving foods.

  5. Now choose a dinner for every day of the week, and they’ll tell you your mental age.

  6. Build your dream castle (that may or may not be OUTSIDE of the U.S.) to find out which underrated Disney character you are! 

  7. Curious if you’ll have found love by the end of this God-forsaken year? Pick some luscious vacation spots to find out. 

  8. Speaking of this year… it has felt pretty dystopian and book-like. Find out if your main character complex is justified. 

  9. Were you one of the many whose prom was stolen from them by COVID-19? Take this quiz about prom trends to find out what your high school superlative would be.

  10. Make the ultimate choice: Harry Potter food or Disney food?

  11. Now make some decisions to learn which Disney villain you are.

  12. See if BuzzFeed can guess which generation you’re a member of based on how you rate some Gen-Z trends.

  13. Wondering which cake flavor matches your personality? You no longer have to!  

  14. Have you been oscillating between living on the East coast or West coast? Let BuzzFeed finally tip the scale one way or another. 

  15. Are you as well-travelled as you think? See if you really know where these world-famous monuments are.

  16. Apparently, we all have “an oddly specific nature aesthetic that matches [our] personality.” See what yours is. 

  17. Find out what your dominant personality trait is based on the “pretty photos” you choose! 

  18. Have a lot of pet peeves? See if they’re as reasonable as you think. 

  19. Find out who your destined celebrity BFF is. Just cook some pasta first! 

  20. And finally, do some wedding dress shopping to find out when your big day will be! 

Noa Fay

Columbia Barnard '24

I am studying at Barnard College of Columbia University. Some of my academic interests include American politics, Israeli politics, Russian language, and Greek mythology. I am also a passionate opera singer and writer. In January 2020 I published my first novel, One Cruel House, and I hope to publish more.
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