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The use of crystals and manifestation to improve one’s life has become increasingly popular in recent years. Celebrated and explored on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, social attitudes around alternative healing have been transformed as more and more people abandon the old stigma of crystal use as witchy gibberish and instead start to see manifestation through the energy of these healing minerals as valid. 

Getting started with these practices can seem daunting. There’s the question of which crystals can be used for which goals, how to take care of crystals to yield optimal results, and the logistics behind starting a crystal collection. Luckily, there are tons of resources available for people who are looking to advance their crystal knowledge — from websites to books to social media accounts specifically dedicated to the subject. 

I myself am a very amateur crystal collector and am still learning new things about crystals every day! I received my first set of crystals as a present from a friend, but it took me a few months to recognize the ability and potential that crystals could bring into my life if I allowed them. When COVID hit and I found myself in a constant state of fear and anxiety, I started to research alternative forms of emotional (and physical) healing and instantly gravitated to the mythology of crystals. I started spending more time with the crystals my friend had gifted me, setting intentions and carrying the minerals around with me. I started reading books and blogs about how to utilize different crystals for different intents and started creating my own collection. It’s been months and now, and I will not leave my home without at least one crystal on my person. 

As school starts back up again and deadlines, assignments, and anxieties begin to stack up, having an alternative form of emotional healing can make the difference in your ability to succeed. Using crystals and manifestation can help you focus your energy and achieve your goals. In this article, I’m going to focus on a few basic crystals with particular use to gaining academic and social success in the beginning part of the school year. These basic crystals are also handy to have for a variety of other reasons, and are generally a necessity for many crystal collections. 

Carnelian – Crystal of Confidence

Carnelian has gained popularity (and a bit of a reputation) through platforms such as TikTok that advocate for its ability to bring you success in romantic encounters and boost your energy levels. Carnelian is a crystal that affects your physical and emotional energy as well as your levels of confidence and courage. Carnelian is a great crystal for people who might need a bit of a nudge before going after their goals, as it promotes a healthier sense of self and can influence its carrier to focus more on the present moment. 

Citrine – Crystal of Positivity

My grandmother has worked with alternative healing for all of her life, and citrine is the stone that she recommends all beginning crystal enthusiasts start off with. Citrine encourages positivity in all areas of life, boosting self-esteem and overall happiness for its holder. In the right settings (with the right intentions), citrine also encourages prosperity and clarity of thought, two very important features for the average student.

Green Aventurine – Crystal of Prosperity

Among people who use crystals, green aventurine is known as the stone that brings money and prosperity into your life. Many people will wear green aventurine jewelry when going to work to increase tips or overall success. For students who work, green aventurine is a key crystal in getting paid. Green aventurine also promotes professional success outside of the scope of monetary gains, as it is also known as a stone of leadership. Green aventurine is a good stone for an important meeting or interview.

Lapis Lazuli – Crystal of Expression

Lapis Lazuli is another stone that encourages success, but this crystal does so by enabling increased expression and the ability to speak one’s truth. It’s a good stone for performers or people who have to engage in a task requiring clear communication. As someone who has difficulty with communication, Lapis Lazuli comes with me to every discussion section I attend.

Rose quartz – Crystal of Love

While rose quartz typically has a reputation for being a stone that fosters romantic love, this crystal encourages love of all kinds and is actually very versatile in its abilities. I carry rose quartz to remind myself to act with self-love and compassion in all areas. As students, it is easy to drown in the culture of stress and pressure. Rose quartz acts as a reminder (and actually has properties of reducing stress) to love oneself. 

Obsidian/Apache Tears* – Crystal(s) of Protection

These crystals have healing and protecting powers that can ward off negativity when used correctly. Obsidian, in particular, is an energy cleanser and can be useful in fighting off grogginess or exhaustion. 

*Apache tears are a form of obsidian, but have slightly different properties. 

If you do wish to utilize any or all of these crystals, I would recommend spending a little time doing your own research into their properties and requirements first. It is important to remember that simply owning these crystals by itself will not lead to change. To utilize the energy and abilities of these stones requires care and consideration on your part. Regularly cleanse your crystals (with sage, salt, incense, sound or any variety of methods) and spend time with them to program them with your intentions. Crystals can be an outlet or focus point in which to direct energy, but they also require a basic level of respect and understanding. 

With that being said, I wish you the best of luck with your school year and your journey into the world of crystals! 

Claire Hunt

Columbia Barnard '24

My name is Claire Hunt and I am a freshman at Barnard College of Columbia University. I'm a fierce feminist and an environmental advocate. My passions include journalism, vegetarian food, and my dog.
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