Creative Campus Workouts

Sick and tired of running laps around Riverside Park? If so, here are a few ways to spice up your exercise routine! 


1. Take a class on the seventh floor of Hamilton. There's only one elevator, and you'll end up waiting in such a long line that you will eventually have to make a difficult choice: take a tardy or take the stairs. This also applies to lectures on any floor level higher than five.


2. Alternatively, you can live on one of the highest floors in your dormitory. As someone who resided in John Jay 14 my freshman year, I can testify that waiting for an elevator is not worth a lost hour. As such, let your desire to reach your bed and nap supersede any lazy tendencies.


3. Sign up for a Dodge Fitness Center trial! At the start of every semester, you can partake in exercise classes for two weeks at no additional cost. It’s a great opportunity to try a new workout method. This year, trial classes are offered from September 4th-10th!


4. If you're feeling especially productive, Teachers College has treadmills with desks. What does that mean? Apparently, you can no longer use studying as a reason to not exercise...unfortunate, I know. On the bright side, you’ll be improving your health and your grades at the same time.


5. The Office of University Life offers a yoga series during the fall and spring! Classes are free, so this is your chance to grab a few friends, hit the lawns, and relax. To stay informed about dates, make sure to like the Undergraduate Student Life (USL) Facebook page.


6. Want to exercise without leaving your dorm building? Pick one of the housing options that includes a fitness room! These include EC, McBain, Carman, Broadway, Carlton Arms, Harmony, Ruggles, Woodbridge, and Andersen Hall.