8 TikTokers to Watch Right Now

About a month ago, I downloaded TikTok. I wanted to know what the kids were up to these days, and my seventh-grade younger brother educated me on some of the basics. Now as I vegetate at home, I’ve wasted hours and hours browsing the app. Here are some accounts I recommend.

  1. 1. @addisonre and @charlidamelio

    If you’re a TikTok beginner, @addisonre and @charlidamelio are known for doing all the trendy TikTok dances. They’re essentially the stars of the app; everyone and their mother watches them. I can’t believe Charli is only 15 and already has 42 million followers (her follower count increases daily so this number is probably incorrect by now).

  2. 2. @thequarantinecrew

    Do you love The Bachelor?! Well, @thequarantinecrew features Tyler Cameron, Hannah Brown, and a squad of their friends. Are the two of them dating again? Who knows.

  3. 3. @allisonholkerboss and @twitchtok7

    If you want some great dance content with the occasional appearance of children, @allisonholkerboss is the TikTok account for you. Allison and her husband Twitch, @twitchtok7, are incredible dancers who have appeared on So You Think You Can Dance, as well as other famous shows. They both post a lot, so I highly recommend watching them.

  4. 4. @ashleytisdale

    Do you miss the good old days of watching High School Musical? @ashleytisdale does a bunch of the trendy dances and gosh, I miss her as Sharpay Evans.

  5. 5. @tuckerbudzyn

    I love golden retrievers. If you want to see a cute dog, @tuckerbudzyn has got you covered. There are so many other dog accounts on TikTok that can also bring you joy.

  6. 6. @shaymitchell

    Were you a fan of Pretty Little Liars back in the day? Following @shaymitchell is a great way to pay tribute to your PLL days.

  7. 7. @hannahgodwin11

    Back to The Bachelor, @hannahgodwin11 provides some great content. Her TikTok is a mix of content from makeup tutorials to cute videos with her fiancé.

  8. 8. @mackenzieziegler, @kendallvertes, & @niasioux

    Admit it, you used to watch Dance Moms. Well, several of the girls are now in high school or college and make TikToks! Follow @mackenzieziegler, @kendallvertes, and @niasioux to be thrown off by how old they are now and to watch them dance.

I know we live in difficult times, but I hope my suggestions can provide some form of entertainment. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!