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A listicle for your enjoyment because the symptoms of my mental illness have subsided and, with them, my creativity. Here are 5 things I discovered about myself during quarantine: 

  1. I really enjoy playing video games

And I’m actually very good at it. I’ve played almost every FromSoftware game this past year, from Dark Souls to Bloodborne, and it really made me resent the fact that I grew up with toy laundry machines instead of gaming consoles. Society really hates women.

  1. Socialising isn’t always a good thing

Being away from the people I love because of the pandemic was, and still is, difficult and upsetting. But not having to balance personal goals with social commitments was refreshing and stimulating for my mental and physical health. I will be avoiding people more often moving forward.  

  1. My resentment of femininity was internalised misogyny 

Surprise, surprise – socially imposed self-loathing rears its ugly head. But you know what? I’m proud of my Spotify playlists dedicated to love songs, categorised by year. Femininity and masculinity are socially constructed, and describing things that have been categorised as feminine as inherently superficial is a form of misogyny. Now we can all move on and enjoy romance novels in peace. 

  1. Nature makes me so happy

This pandemic made me into such a tree-hugger — and I’ve always been a city girl. Too bad Jair Bolsonaro is setting the Amazon Rainforest on fire, one tree at a time.  

  1. Self-sufficiency is overrated

I would be a pool of melodramatic anxiety without my dog and I am no longer afraid to admit this. Having my partner with me through this pandemic has made everything better. I call my dad on FaceTime three times a day. If you think you don’t rely on anyone, you need to get your head out of your ass.

I will now retire to my bed to reluctantly skim Augustine’s Confessions for the third time in my undergraduate career. 

Gabriela Jatene

Columbia Barnard '22

Gabriela Jatene is a dog mom and senior at Barnard College, studying History and English. Contact her about her articles or fear of crickets at gsj2106@barnard.edu
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