4 Fun Campus Activities for Freshmen (to Avoid Thinking about Sophomore Housing)

Go to yoga!

What’s more relaxing than yoga? (Well, probably knowing that you’ll be living somewhere nice next year, but still.) Use the walk down to yoga to plan how you won’t embarrass yourself by being really bad at yoga instead of thinking about how you have no clue how your living situation for next year will turn out.

Pick up mail from Wien!

Order a bunch of small, cheap items and stagger their delivery so that you’re walking to Wien at least two times a day. Use this walk to pretend you have actual important things to be doing, and therefore don’t have time to worry.

Go to bed!

Literally go to sleep and pretend the problem of housing doesn’t exist. Maybe have a dream that your fifth grade teacher is lighting a cigarette for her fifteen year old daughter or that a girl from your dorm is going to be on Project Runway. The possibilities are endless, and when you wake up, you’ll get that blissful few minutes of extreme confusion and grogginess that always comes with napping, followed by a whole day of forgetting exactly what the date is and what you’re supposed to be doing.

Hide in the Butler stacks!

If no one can find you, that basically means you don’t exist, and therefore have no reason to think about the possibility of ending up all alone on the second floor of Wien.