Three Artists to Check Out in Little Hall

As the semester nears its end, Little Hall is now filled with an abundance of artwork hanging on its walls. Colgate students have worked hard to create some really cool content. Here are some artists you should check out:

Martina Loncar:

Martina is a senior Art and Education double major. She is particularly known for her creativity and sophisticated use of paint. Her senior project will open this Wednesday, December 12th. “All my work that will be in the gallery is about portraying familiar forms from the natural world in vibrant and unexpected colors to make an imagined construction of place between real and abstract”. Highly recommended that you check it out.

Alex Weimer​

Alex is a Junior currently listed as an Art minor. She is known for her ability to paint and draw photo-realistically. Her self portrait is depicted here. There are many other paintings by her currently hanging in the halls of Little, and some of her prints from the Arts print making class will be up soon. Another artist that I highly endorse.

Arts 211- Drawing:

The last item on this list is a group of artists. It is Professor Stephenson’s Drawing 1 class. Currently, their most recent work on architectural spaces is hanging up, and soon, their self portrait final projects will also make their way into the halls. This group of talented artists has spent the semester understanding how line quality, composition, and wide range of values contribute to interesting and unique works of art.