Netflix Adds New Shows For Our Binge Watching Pleasure

We can all agree that Netflix is one of the world’s greatest inventions. Young kids, college students and even parents get to catch up on numerous TV shows and check out a variety of movie genres at their leisure. Ranging from the infamous Grey’s Anatomy to Nicholas Sparks’s Safe Haven—Netflix seems to have it all. But does it? If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen almost every series too many times, and haven’t even heard of half of the movie titles.

Sound familiar? If so, then we have good news for you. Netflix just released LOTS of new shows and films for you to check out! Here are our five favorite new additions we recommend for you…

1. Thirteen Reasons Why

If you are into murder mysteries with a hint of heartbreak and creepiness, then this show is for you. Thirteen Reasons Why has become all the rage recently, and for good reason. After a teenage girl commits suicide, her classmates receive a series of 13 tapes revealing hints about why she died. Watch as the characters try to unravel the puzzling death of their classmate with nothing but these 13 creepy tapes—all recorded by the girl herself.

2. The BFG

Follow 10-year-old Sophie and her newly acquired friend, the Big Friendly Giant, on their quest to remove all of the bad giants from the world. A once tentative meeting becomes a genuine friendship between these two vastly different individuals. Fall in love with their relationship as they help one another break through various challenges along the way.

3. The Vampire Diaries

Whether you are Team Stefan or Team Damon, there is nothing better than hearing new episodes were just added to Netflix. Catch up with the crew to see which vampire will steal Elena’s heart, if Caroline gets herself into any more trouble and honestly just to look at Matt. These new episodes are definitely a must-see for avid fans.

4. Million Dollar Baby

As one of the world’s most inspiring movies, Million Dollar Baby takes its audience on a journey through hardships, willpower and love. Watch an initially reluctant and underappreciated boxing coach and an aspiring female boxer form an inseparable bond as they travel down a challenging road to success. This 2004 film is a classic and will never fail to inspire and stir emotions in its viewers.

5. Louis C.K. Comedian

Take a break from your serious and fast-paced lives to share a laugh with Louis C.K. His newly added special is extremely important to everybody’s mental health. Whether he is discussing religion, eternal love, or teachers, this comedian never fails to make you smile.

While Netflix has added numerous new titles in the past few days, these are our favorite five that we want you all to check out. This list covers movies, comedy and TV series, so we hope you can all find something to binge watch! Keep your eyes out for new postings—as Netflix is full of surprising additions.