Midterms in a Nutshell

It’s about that time of year, when those due dates that seemed so far in the future sneak up on you and you are forced to face the realities of midterm season. Midterm week(s) at Colgate is pretty distinguishable by the number of stressed-out, tired faces you see up the hill. Just to point out the obvious in hopes of providing some comic relief, here are some of the things that make midterm week at Colgate so notorious...

1. You get your steps in walking up and down every floor of the library frantically looking for an open cube

2. The majority of your conversations are along the lines of “I’m definitely going to fail this” and “I’m so tired, I haven’t slept in days”

3. You pass by a handful of cubes “occupied” by a single piece of paper or book and you start wondering why you haven’t befriended more library rats

4. You walk by a line of students in the library taking a cat nap on their textbooks

5. There is a cluster of people standing by the printers giving the side-eye to that one person for taking away their precious studying time to print lengthy papers and study guides

6. There is not a single stapler in the library and you have to settle for paperclips (which realistically, no one has)

7. The library cafe runs out of coffee and treats and you’re stuck with the reject options

8. Then there’s those handful of people who are the true geniuses and take classes without midterms and solely go to the library for the social scene