How to Make the Most of Second Semester Senior Year

It is the most scariest time of the year (hint: it is not Halloween) …..IT’S LAST SEMESTER OF SENIOR YEAR!!!

This is the last semester of living life with essentially no strings attached, staying up all night, hanging with friends, or going to Slices after a night a partying - who doesn’t love a 2am slice with ranch?! But fret not! Here are some tips on how to make the most of your senior year!

1. Take the class you've always wanted to take 

YODCO (You only do college once) so make the most of it! Take the class that you kind of wanted to take but didn’t think improve dance would impress your parents when you showed them your transcript.


You know that tradition of jumping in a freezing cold lake after staying up all night? And you thought it looked like so much fun but you always chickened out because you were afraid of getting cold? Yea that tradition. Just do it!! Or just make any lasting memories that you will hold onto forever.

3. Eat in the dining hall one last time 

There will come a time after you graduate where you will be craving an Ed Burger, so do your future self a favor and go get one now!

4. Leave your mark

Do something that you can look back and say, “I helped paved a way for ___” or “I made ___ possible.” You definitely do not want to look back at your college experience and realize you did not do anything to make your campus better than when you came in.


Seriously take the time to sit back and enjoy all the work you’ve done. Be proud of yourself! You completed all those all-nighters, study hours, thesis papers, last minute extra credit work to pass the class, and everything else! You basically proved the impossible is very much possible during college. Hang out with friends and enjoy this last semester before heading out into the real world.