Here's All the 'Gate Slang You Should Know

Fraturday?  COOP?  Frank?  Eatery?

Have you ever heard these words?  If so, I am assuming you’ve taken a stroll on the Colgate campus.  If not, no harm because here are the translations to these ‘Gate words.

'Gate: Colgate University  

“The Gate” is a commonly used term among the students to describe their beautiful alma mater.

Fraturday: Day party all of Saturday

It is objectively the best day of the week.  Other schools call it a “dartys” or a “dagers”.

COOP:  The O’Connor Campus Center

This place is notoriously known for their fries, sandwiches, and of course everyone’s favorite employee, Cathy.  It is also the place where every  underclassman on an unlimited meal plan becomes a hot commodity.   Upperclassman run to find their loved underclassmen in high hopes of getting free food.

Frank:  Frank Dining Hall 

Frank the beautiful 24/7 dining hall.  It is also the late-night hot spot after a long night out for pizza, curly fries, or a burger.  Sunday’s Frank is packed with students discussing the most recent drama from the weekend.  People call this Sunday Brunch “recap” time.

Hammy Eats or The Eatery:  Hamilton Eatery  

A very popular lunch destination.  It has the best sandwiches around.  If you are ever in the neighborhood try the Big Willy. 

F&S:  Flour and Salt Bakery

A popular destination for many Colgate students on Saturday and Sunday mornings due to its special “healing” powers.  Here at F&S you can customize any bagel sandwich with any of the toppings you desire.

The Clubhouse:  Seven Oaks Clubhouse

It is known for hosting pre-game meals for athletes and birthday dinners for students.  Their pasta dishes are the most commonly bought items on the menu. 

The Jug:  The Old Stone Jug

A VERY popular bar for Colgate students.  Most popular nights are typically Monday and Wednesday. 

The Lib:  The Case Library

If someone says "I'm going to the lib," you know that they have a lot of work to do. Sundays are the busiest days at the library.  If you come past 11am chances of finding a seat are slim.  Thankfully, Case has a cafe, which is one of the main social spots. However, it seems that during these busy times the library not only becomes a place to do work but also a social scene. You can always find a distraction somewhere. 

CAMPO:  Campus Safety 

When you get a text that CAMPO is coming somewhere it means it is time to leave.