Campus Cuties Uyi & Glick: This Bromance Needs to Find Some Romance

This week we interviewed teammates and ~cuties~ Uyi Omorogbe and Glick (Matthew Glick). There is WAY more to these two than meets the eye. They are both D1 student-athletes on Colgate’s Men’s Soccer team and both share an incredible entrepreneurial spirit. Uyi and Glick hands down have the best fashion sense out of any other men on this campus. Both of their styles are distinct and fashion forward. I don’t know how they pull off literally EVERYTHING! Uyi & Glick could wear trash bags and it would look cool. Besides for their passion, motivation and amazing style, Uyi and Glick are so genuine, fun, hysterical, talented and all around great guys. Can’t go wrong with this duo! Come out to support Glick (#31), Uyi (#7) and the rest of Men’s Soccer at their home game this Saturday at 4pm against Army West Point!!!

Glick pictured (left) with Uyi (right)


  • Glick

  • Uyi


  • Glick: Santa Monica, California

  • Uyi: Albany, NY

Class year

  • Glick: Senior

  • Uyi: Senior

Relationship status

  • Glick: Single

  • Uyi: Singe


  • Glick: Peace and Conflict Studies

  • Uyi: Economics


  • Glick: Left Back

  • Uyi: Forward

Favorite food

  • Glick: Sushi

  • Uyi: Chinese

Favorite soccer team

  • Glick: Arsenal

  • Uyi: Barcelona

Ideal date night

  • Glick: Dinner cooked at home

  • Uyi: Dinner and a Movie

Describe yourself in 3 words

  • Glick: Driven, Positive, Curious

  • Uyi: Funny, motivated, passionate

What do you look for in a partner?

  • Glick: Someone you can be yourself with

  • Uyi: She has to be funny

Last movie you watched

  • Glick: Black Panther

  • Uyi: Crazy Rich Asians

Favorite show

  • Glick: Entourage

  • Uyi: This is Us

Pet peeve

  • Glick: When people are negative and complain all the time

  • Uyi: People who are always late

Go to band or artist?

  • Glick: Kanye West

  • Uyi: Daniel Caesar

What do you love most about soccer

  • Glick: The banter

  • Uyi: Scoring goals

Latest obsession

  • Glick: Podcasts

  • Uyi: Riverdale

Any special talents or hobbies besides soccer?

  • Glick: Yodeling, Flying, Taekwondo

  • Uyi: Playing music