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Campus Cuties: Nick Quillan & John Snodgrass

This week our campus cuties are Colgate's Men's Hockey players Nick Quillan & John Snodgrass! On top of being D1 stars, they both have an amazing sense of humor and good looks. Charming, talented, personable and driven are just some qualities that you can expect from Nick and John. Can't get much better than these guys! Keep reading to learn all about our hockey cuties!


  • Nick Quillan
  • John Snodgrass


  • Nick: Halifax, Canada

  • John: Eagan, Minnesota

Class year:

  • Nick: Sophomore

  • John: Junior

Relationship status:

  • Nick: In a Mutual Understanding

  • John: Single


  • Nick: Economics

  • John: Economics


  • Nick: Defense

  • John: Right Wing

Favorite Hockey Team:

  • Nick: Colgate Men’s Ice Hockey

  • John: Arizona Coyotes

Your type/what do you look for in a girl?

  • Nick: Good cook and a team player

  • John: Intelligence cause one of us has to be smart

Dream date in Hamilton, NY:

  • Nick: Beggars can’t be choosers

  • John: Honestly anything, I’m desperate at this point. Please. Someone.

Favorite Pre-game Song:

  • Nick: 4 AM by 2 Chainz

  • John: Any song by Lil Skies

Go to late night snack:

  • Nick: Chips

  • John: Popcorn

Pet Peeve:

  • Nick: When people are late

  • John: People dragging their feet when they walk

Last Person You Called:

  • Nick: My psychiatrist

  • John: My Mom <3

Hockey Alumni you miss the most and why?

  • Nick: Bruce Racine because he is a loving and caring guy

  • John: Brett Corkey. Nicest kid I’ve ever played hockey with

Celebrity Crush and why:

  • Nick: Kendall Jenner because she is very down to earth

  • John: Blake Lively. You can’t find a more perfect human being

Any Hidden Talents?

  • Nick: Can hold 17 eggs in one hand

  • John: Can make extremely realistic dinosaur noises


Colgate Men's Hockey Schedule: https://gocolgateraiders.com/schedule.aspx?path=mhock

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